Monday, April 4, 2016

TOS Review ~ Times Tales

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

The Trigger Memory Co. provided us with a digital downloadable version of Times Tales for review in our homeschool. I used this primarily with my daughter, who is a 6th grader and was still slow with her multiplication tables. This program comes as two downloadable files that play Part I and Part II of the stories. It all comes with three PDF files that hold tests, flash cards and crossword puzzles. Times Tales covers the multiplication tables from six through nine.

What It Is ~ This is a unique program that is mnemonic based. Mnemonic means the use of patterns of letters or numbers, ideas or associations that assist in remembering something. Times Tales uses cute stories to help students learn the most difficult facts. I was pleased how smoothly this video ran on our computer. The stories were engaging and short. The characters are shaped like numbers. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Week are shaped like the number 7.  This curriculum is geared towards first through fourth grade.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
How It Works ~ There are six steps to this curriculum. Step 1 is to learn the stories by watching the little short story movies. The child can repeat them over and over until she knows the story well. Step 2 is a story quiz that is set up like a game show and is called "Beat the Clock." If the child can't get all of the answers correctly, he needs to go back and watch the mini stories again. Step 3 is "you're the storyteller" section. This is when the child tells the story to match the picture. Once the child has memorized the stories, she is ready for the next section. Step 4 is practicing the flash cards with symbols. Step 5 is practicing the flash cards without the symbols. Lastly, Step 6 is the written test. The practice test has the symbols and the final test has no symbols.

My Opinion ~ After using the program for a few days I noticed that my daughter was reciting her 8 and 9 times tables much faster than before. These were the tables she was struggling with before the Times Tales. We put the program aside because she had mastered the times tables to my satisfaction. Surprisingly, when asked to recite the times tables weeks later, she recited them quickly forwards and backwards. I also found it easy to set up and use. As a parent and a teacher, I am pleased with this curriculum. However, I wish that it included the 11 and 12 multiplication tables.

My Daughter's Opinion ~ To be perfectly honest, she didn't like it. She is 12 and found it very babyish. She didn't feel that it was helping her learn (although the results show otherwise). Once she improved her attitude about the lessons, she started to find benefits. She liked how easy it was to run the program. She has a competitive soul, so her favorite part was the game show where she tried to beat the clock.

In Conclusion ~ I would recommend this program for a family with younger children than mine. I think the program works and saw the results in my own household. I also think it could be used in a remedial situation if the child could have a good attitude and give it a chance. To see what my fellow TOS crew members had to say, click on the box below.

Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Blessings, Dawn


  1. I used this with my 8 year old daughter, but my 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter were interested!

  2. Great review! We loved it for my younger guys but I think my older ones would have felt the same as your daughter.