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TOS Review ~ Traditional Logic I Complete Set

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review
I received Traditional Logic I Complete Set from Memoria Press to review with my 14 year old son. 
This set comes complete with a DVD of lessons, textbook, teacher key, and quizzes and tests. This program is intended for high school. The author, Martin Cothran says he has used it with 7th and 8th graders on occasion with success. 
Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

What Is Traditional Logic? ~  The very basic definition of Traditional Logic is the science of right thinking. It is also referred to as Formal Logic. Formal Logic concentrates on the form or structure of reasoning in an argument. Martin Cothran's Traditional Logic defines concepts and terms one uses in Formal Logic. This program can be used for language arts during the second phase of the classical trivium. Traditional Logic should not be confused with Modern Logic, which is mostly math based.

How Does One Use this Program? ~ This course teaches formal logic systematically. The DVD lessons are short and clear. The students follow the DVD lesson (taught by the author) and then work through the lesson in the textbook. There are writing exercises as well as fill-in-the-blank and true or false questions at the end of each chapter. There is a quiz for each chapter followed by a final exam at the end of the course. Martin Cothran suggests completing this course over a semester, but he says many homeschoolers may choose to use it over an entire school year. This program is designed to be taught by a teacher with no Logic background. It is also intended for homeschoolers or very small groups of students. 

How We Used this Program ~ When the material arrived, I realized that this was a bit too advanced for my son this year. He has some learning challenges and is working with adapted 7th/8th grade material this year. I talked it over with my husband who is interested in Logic, and we decided that he would watch the video lessons with my son. My husband said he would read through the text book himself and take a few of the quizzes. In other words, we used this as a survey course to expose my son to a new topic which he might explore further when he's in high school. 

What My Son Thought of this Program ~ My son is very particular about voices. He finds many DVD courses irritating because of the speaker. However, he found this one easy to follow and clear. He liked that the teacher was mature and that the backgrounds were not distracting. My son felt that the material was very dry and not really of great interest to him. However, he liked that the lessons were short and easy to follow. He felt like he had a basic understanding of the material. 

What My Husband Thought of this Program ~ My husband did this program with my son. He found it clearly written. He felt that it had very good examples and lots of exercises to reinforce the concepts. The concepts are clearly defined. My husband felt that it was important to do the chapters in order rather than starting with chapter 4 (which the author stated is possible). My husband felt it was important to go in order because the concepts build on each other. He found the quizzes to be a good review of the presented material and the answer key clear to follow. He also liked the DVD instruction and felt that it aided him as the primary teacher.

We as a family are closer to a Charlotte Mason style of learning than a Classical Trivium style. That said, we found that this program would be a good match for any high school student who is interested in knowing more about Traditional Logic. I liked that it could count for a semester of language arts. 

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Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

Blessings, Dawn

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