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TOS Reveiw ~ Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
I was so excited to receive this bone conduction headset from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd. to try with my daughter who struggles with reading. This is a very exciting new technology that trains the brain through bone conduction. This product helps improve memory, auditory processing, speech, sensory integration and reading skills (by improving attention). 
Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

How Does It Work? ~ Did you know that we can hear through the bones in our head? Yes, you can with this special headset. Sound waves move through the bones right next to our ears, causing them to vibrate and sending the sound directly to our cochlea vestibule nerve in our inner ear. This acts as a filter to make one's voice be much more clear to one's brain and help a person process the information more clearly, so that he or she can understand it better. By improving one's ability to hear, the person can also improve their concentration, short-term memory and verbal working memory.

How We Used It ~ This product is very easy to use. We simply removed it from the packaging and turned it by on pushing the little button. A little blue light came on and we placed it onto her head, according to the directions. The little headset piece touches the place right below her ear and the mouth piece is adjustable so it fits easily on anyone. My daughter used it primarily during her reading time each day. She read out loud to me or to her "pretend invisible audience" for upwards of 20 minutes. She thought that the sound of her real voice was fun to listen to, and she quickly got used to wearing the headset and hearing her voice through her bones. How cool is that?

What Anne Thinks ~ She thinks she is able to hear her words more clearly and that the headset helps her slow down and speak more clearly. Anne also used the headset to help her memorize lines for the production of The Jungle Book in which she performed last month. She memorized the lines very quickly. Anne does not really notice whether or not it helps her with reading, although she thinks she reads faster now than she could at Christmas. 

I was concerned that the headset might be uncomfortable or too loud. However, Anne does not find this to be true. It fits easily onto her small head and is perfectly comfortable. She controls how loud she hears the sound by changing how loudly she speaks.

What I Think ~ I am very excited about this product. I often find technology hard to use with lots of steps. This is not true for this headset. It is very user friendly and easy to use. I love that multiple people can use it in the family without any adjustments. Just put it on and start talking out loud. It is that simple. I believe it helps Anne speak more clearly when she is wearing it and helps her read out loud more smoothly than without it. She also sounds more confident and fluent. In addition, her reading score rose on end-of-year testing, in comparison with last year. She will continue to use it several times a week.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
This Summer, I plan to start using this with my son, who has sensory integration and weak auditory listening skills. He has used it a few times already but was overwhelmed with end of year requirements and spring allergies. He will be using it to hopefully improve his sensory issues and listening skills. He likes using it to have a conversation with others better than reading to himself. This works, too. It can be used with a student who is not yet reading or with a student who is being difficult about reading out loud because that is embarrassing!
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Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
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