Thursday, June 23, 2016

TOS Review ~ Review
Recently, I have had the opportunity to track our lesson plans with the program, My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from This online program puts all of your lessons plans and important tracking records all in one safe place. No need to worry about tea spilling across your lesson plans anymore (ahem).
I must admit, I am a paper and pencil type of person. I really do like to hold my lesson planner in my hand and scribble notes all over the page. However, I see the value of having everything safely recorded online. is a great alternative to the paper planner. With this program, you can look at and update your records on your computer, smart phone or other device. I found it easy to set up my account and start setting the framework of my lesson plans online. This program is so much more than just record keeping. 
You can track all of the below things for multiple children: 
  • lesson plans
  • grades
  • curriculum 
  • attendance
  • reading logs
  • awards
  • events
  • extracurricular activities (such as camp)
Once you enter what you want to keep track of, the program shows everything in nice graphs.  For instance, in the below picture you can see that my son has 900 hours to complete next school year. He currently has completed 20 hours.

The next graph shows how many extracurricular hours he has completed in June. He completed 60 hours at acting camp in June. I love that the program records extracurricular hours. Now that my son is in high school, it is important to record all of those extras to help with college admissions. 

The next graph shows my daughter's reading log. She is now reading a book every week. This is a great way to keep track of how many she is accomplishing.

You can have emails sent to you with notifications on upcoming lesson plans, events and attendance daily or weekly. I chose to have my emails come weekly, since we are in the middle of summer. You can change that and anything else at any time. It is very easy to edit and there are help buttons and teacher aids every where on the website. 

This program is a very useful tool, especially if you live in a state that requires lots of record keeping. My state only requires end-of-year testing and attendance notification. However, I am the type of person who really needs records and a visual lesson plan laid out to make my days run smoothly and to know that we are on the road to success. I have always kept lesson plans and records of how many hours/days we did school work. I am just one of those planner type people that likes to have a record of every thing. This program will fill the bill for that type of person, even if your state doesn't require so many records. The cost is $40 a year. That is not much more than two lesson planners would cost, which you would need if you have two kids being homeschooled like I do. If you have more children, it would really be a deal.

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Homeschool Record Keeping { Review}

Blessings, Dawn

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