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TOS Review ~ Patriotic Penmanship

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}
Copy work and good penmanship is very important in our homeschool. I was delighted to receive Patriotic Penmanship Jr. High from Laurelwood Books
Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}
My son (14) started cursive at an older age than most kids due to his cerebral palsy. Many penmanship books that I have looked at in the past were too advanced for him because he still needed lots of tracing activities. Typically, if I found a book with lots of tracing, it was very junior and geared towards a much younger child. But now I have Patriotic Penmanship Junior High School. It is an answer to many of my son's handwriting issues.  
  • There are lots of tracing opportunities on each page. 
  • The print is the appropriate size for a junior high student to be writing. 
  • The bottom of each page has the alphabet in cursive to remind the student how to form letters that he/she may have forgotten. 
  • The copy work is interesting and important quotes to know. 
  • The quotes are character building.
Each lesson presents a famous quote. Then the student traces the quote. Next, he/she traces the quote and then copies the quote under the traced quote. Lastly, the student copies the complete quote on his or her own. This gives amble opportunity for the student to practice. 

My son really wants to improve his cursive. He started this book for summer school. He likes that he is learning to write smaller. He likes the tracing and doesn't mind repeating the same quote four times. Dean enjoys the quotes and he is even memorizing some of them. He likes that they are mature quotes from people that he has known about most of his life. Some of the famous people are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Louis Pasteur, Patrick Henry and Robert Frost. It also includes parts of the Gettysburg Address.

My son has noticed an improvement in his handwriting. I thought he would struggle with the size of the cursive (appropriate for college rule), but he hasn't had any issues. In fact, he prefers that it is so small. He says it helps his hands shake less. He has had tremors in his hands since birth. I love to see the improvement in his self-esteem. Because of this program, he has hope that his handwriting will become legible.

I really appreciate everything about this book. There are 30 lessons. My son completes an entire lesson in a sitting. One thing that is extra cool about this book is that it comes in multiple grades. There are individual books for grades 1 through 5. Then there are a junior high book and a high school book. The poems, quotes and hymns vary from grade to grade so you can use this system as your child progresses through the years. They are $13.95 each. This book definitely gets a thumbs up from our family. We will continue to use this book until it is complete and then purchase the one for high school.

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Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}
Blessings, Dawn

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