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Homeschool Review Crew Review ~ Creative Freewriting Adventure

Creative Freewriting Adenture
We have so enjoyed Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co.. Do you have a child who struggles with writing? My kids like to write but often struggle to get going or narrow down the topic. We were given Creative Freewriting Adventure to review.  This is a lovely program that encourages having fun with writing. 
Home School Adventure Company
This program requires no prep work. The teacher just prints off the assignment and sets the child to work. Each exercise is set in the same manner. First, there are a few paragraphs to read which set the stage, giving information about a particular event, circumstance, or person. Then they are given questions, prompting them to take this information and create a story. At this point, the timer is set and the child is free to write for 15 minutes. The intention is to complete the story, although it is not required. I thought this would be very hard for my students. They generally don't work well under pressure. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I explained to them that they did not need to worry about spelling or even about completing the story. They just needed to write, enjoy themselves and be as creative as they could be for the 15 minutes. Surprisingly, they really took to the exercises. After she got the hang of managing her time, my daughter was able to complete several stories. My son didn't manage to finish any stories but did produce some very creative paragraphs. They both liked the short time limit. It didn't feel overwhelming to them or that they would be at it "forever".
There are 10 exercises in this program. The titles are as follows.
  • Exercise 1 - Thales
  • Exercise 2 - Pythagoras
  • Exercise 3 - Xenophanes
  • Exercise 4 - Democritus
  • Exercise 5 - The Wise Woman
  • Exercise 6 - Beasts
  • Exercise 7 - The Gallery
  • Exercise 8 - Winged Pony
  • Exercise 9 - Eternity
  • Exercise 10 - The Ultimate Christmas Party
I used this program to supplement our current English curriculum. My main purpose was to encourage joy in telling a story and to also learn to manage time during writing assignments. As high school students, they may have to do timed essays, and I hope exercises such as these will reduce any pressure they might feel.

My students have done most of the exercises and were shocked to find out that there were only two more to do. (Amazingly, I think they secretly wished there were more than 10 exercises.) They thought this was a fun way to do creative writing. They liked that the writing prompts were open ended. My son liked that there was a variety of ways to expand each assignment and that he could put himself in the story. I liked that they didn't mind the exercises and that it didn't take a long time. It was easy to squeeze it into our already very busy day. 
This program gets a thumbs up from our family. It is easy, fast, requires no teacher set up and FUN!
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  1. It sounds like a very different and unique program...just the type I like.