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Review ~ Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”

Drive Thru History The Gospels

We had the pleasure of reviewing Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”  from Drive Thru History®. This is a delightful DVD program that takes students on a journey through the life of Jesus, according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Dave Stotts traces the life of Jesus through over 50 ancient sites. We enjoyed seeing and hearing about the real places where Jesus once walked. 

Drive Thru History

This three DVD set has nearly nine hours of playing time and includes 18 episodes, as well as a 118 page book filled with discussion questions, suggested reading, a summary of each episode and side "road" notes that help dig a bit deeper. The DVDs are filled with gorgeous vistas and the cinematography is very high quality. Dave Stotts is entertaining and also keeps the viewers focused on the adventure. He explains all of the sites well and encourages the viewer to read more and dig further into the life of Jesus. I can't think of a more painless way to learn the Gospels. As always, Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History® is family friendly. Although this program is geared for older elementary through adult, even the youngest pupil would gain information from watching this series. 

Drive Thru History The Gospels

How We Used It ~ We used this program as a supplement to our world history program. This is a very busy time of year for our family, with multiple dance shows to prepare for in addition to the typical end-of-year sluggishness. My teens are ready for the school year to wrap up. They found curling up in front of the television to watch another episode very enjoyable and a nice break from the daily routine. We picked one discussion question to talk about for each episode. However, they mostly just watched and listened to the episodes in a more relaxed fashion. The kids managed to complete the entire series. 

Drive Thru History The Gospels

What We Thought ~ We liked the program. My daughter thought that it was explained well and that Dave Stotts is funny. However, she still thought that the information came a bit too quickly. She is a child who generally prefers books and worksheets to videos for information. She thought the discussion questions helped her to digest the information. My son thought the program was easy to understand and that the story line was entertaining. He loved the jeep that Dave Stotts drives throughout the series. I thought that this series was even better than other Drive Thru History® series I have seen in the past. The pace was a bit slower and more focused, which I appreciated. I loved the cinematography. In the book, I loved the side "road" notes. They were helpful, Also, the discussion questions were great and really helped to round out the program. My kids learned and laughed through this program. That gets a thumbs up from me!

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