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Review ~ Memoria Press

Memoria Press

We love anything from Memoria Press. We were so excited to receive for review The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set and 200 Questions About  American History Set. What a generous gift to review. This product is suggested for 5th to 8th grade but could easily be used for high school credit with a little tweaking.

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set

I was thrilled after a very short examination of the materials to realize that the combination of the two products I was sent would be all that my son needed for his 9th grade American History I course. The lessons are easily spread out over 32 weeks. This combination of books and drill cards will take my son from the beginning of American History to 1898. All I need to do is add in some amazing field trips, a research paper and he will have all he'll to be done. Memoria Press suggests that you can do the lessons a bit faster and buy a book from another vendor to make it a complete curriculum for American History from start to current times in one school year. However, my state requires two years of American History so we will be taking it at a bit slower pace. 

The Story of The Thirteen Colonies & The Great Republic set comes with a reader, student workbook/guide and a teacher guide. There are 32 lessons in the student guide which cover several chapters in the reader. The chapters in the reader are very short (most of them only two or three pages). This thrilled my son, who feels like he already knows a great deal about history and isn't particularly excited about "reviewing" material. However, he wasn't able to pass the tests without reading the text, so he needs to get the facts a bit more solid. I love that the student and teacher guides have important documents to American history included. Being a follower of Charlotte Mason, it is so important to me that my kids get to read original text whenever possible. Each lesson covers vocabulary, comprehension questions, and enrichment. The enrichment is a wonderful way to add in a little hands-on activity, such as maintaining a timeline, reviewing mapping skills or writing an essay. 
200 Questions About American History Set
Grades 5-8

The second product is the 200 Questions About American History set. This comes with a teacher guide, student book and lots of flash cards. It is a wonderful way to make all of the important facts more concrete. The student can drill using the cards and look through the reading to answer questions about important quotes, dates, and events. My son really liked the flash cards and was quickly testing his father, who considers himself a history buff. They spent lots of time testing each other with the cards. 
My son will be completing this combined program for his 9th grade American History course. We both liked the layout and short but interesting lessons. The enrichment section was an added bonus to both of us. However, he thinks recipes should be included. Just like a teenage boy, he is always thinking with his stomach. This gets a thumbs up from all of us!

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