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Review ~ Heroes of History -- William Penn

YWAM Publishing
I was so delighted to receive the book, Heroes of History-- William Penn from YWAM Publishing for review. We had the opportunity to review a book from the Heroes of History series last year and loved it. We also received online access to a wonderful unit study to go along with our reading of William Penn. 
YWAM Publishing
I was especially excited to receive Heroes of History -- William Penn: Liberty & Justice for All because I was born into and raised in the Quaker faith. William Penn was a Quaker. We no longer attend a Quaker meeting, so I was excited to share my faith and its history with my children. I knew from previous experience with this series that it was very accurate to history and is a wonderful introduction to biographies for children and young adults. I was not at all disappointed. This book is simply fantastic.

We visited Philadelphia a few years ago, but did not get to visit William Penn's home, since it is a bit of a distance from downtown Philadelphia. We did, however, get to visit a Quaker Meetinghouse. Having this visit under the children's belts really made the story come to life. The book is a quick read with only 198 pages. The print is a nice size and easy to read for my middle school students. The story flows smoothly. The book is  filled with historical facts that are easily passed onto the reader throughout the story. I thought I knew a great deal about William Penn, but learned even more through this story. That is one of the things I really love about this series.There is much to learn from each book, even for a well-read adult.

We used this book as a family read aloud. We used the chapter discussion questions provided in the study guide to further our learning. We also enjoyed the students exploration section, which provided some hands-on learning. One thing that Quakers are known for is their charity work. We enjoyed learning about how they tirelessly worked to help Londoners during the Plague. The Quakers fed the starving, took in orphans and gathered up plague victims for burial. We also did not know anything about the Great Fire of London in 1666. While researching it, we found an awesome documentary that we watched on YouTube. 

The study guide is very complete. It includes 62 pages of learning and several workbook pages. The sections are as follows:
  • Key Quotes ~ I love the quote section.
  • Display Corner ~ This is a neat idea to have your children set up a display of things that they can relate to the person they are learning about.
  • Chapter Questions 
  • Student Explorations ~ There are so many ideas from creative writing projects to arts and crafts.
  • Community Links ~ This is a section that suggests different field trips that would tie in with the study of your history hero. We talked a lot about our trip to Philadelphia.
  • Social Studies ~ This section is filled with hands-on ideas to help the student learn about history.
  • Related Themes to Explore ~ This section is filled with great suggestions on topics in different subjects you could learn about. (Sample page shown below.)
  • Culminating Events ~ This last section helps the students wrap up all they have learned by hosting a "party" in the form of a peace treaty -- complete with food, stories, poster boards and a fun, entertaining event.

This book and unit study gets a thumbs up from our family. There is so much included in the unit study that there truly is something for everyone. To see what other review crew members had to say, click on the banner below.

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Blessings, Dawn

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