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Review ~ The Typing Coach

The Typing Coach
I was delighted to have the opportunity to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach recently. In this day and age, having strong typing skills is a must, and we certainly need more practice in our household.

The Typing Coach
My daughter (13) has been exposed to little typing courses and typing games since she was in preschool. She already knew how to place her hands in the right positions and sit properly. However, because of dyslexia and visual issues, typing has always been very slow and filled with errors. I was excited to try this systematic program with her. I was even more excited when I saw that the course had instructions for special needs and younger students. 
This program is a combination of audio, video and written instructions. There is a printable student workbook that the student will need for all of the practices. They do most of their practice work on a word processing page. We used notepad. Then the student takes typing practice and tests on the website using their workbook to copy from on the website. Then practice and test results are sent to the parent via email. The student is allowed to take tests more than once but must wait two days each time before taking it again. 
Before my daughter began, I printed out the student workbook and reviewed the website with her. The website is very easy to move around and is self-explanatory. She was able to use the website independently and take her time practicing each lesson. I like that the entire course is self-paced. The only timed activities are the tests and typing practice pieces for each lesson.
My daughter, the perfectionist, didn't really care for this program. Because of her learning challenges, she found the skill of looking from the paper she was testing from to the screen very difficult. She also struggled with losing her place on the copy work sheet while testing, which in turn slowed down her typing. She did show some improvement over the weeks. She did not really come away from this program with more confidence. It is a good thing she is headed for a career in the dance world and not the office world. She didn't make it to even 10 words per minute because of all of her errors. However, over time she may have. I think she also may have memorized the practice tests before she really got to a good word per minute stopping place. 
I think this is a good typing course for most people. We do have an extenuating circumstance because of my daughter's special needs. I have similar challenges and tried a few of the tests. I did not do much better. However, I felt that the layout and directions were excellent. The practice copy work and tests were interesting reading material. I wish there were more practice sheets for the very slow learner so that they could not memorize whole sentences, which defeats the purpose. Overall, I think this is a good typing program for upper elementary grades through adulthood. 
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Blessings, Dawn

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