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Lightning Lit and Comp Review

Hewitt Homeschooling
We are very much a literature-based homeschool. I love and follow many principles of the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. I have been patiently waiting to enjoy British Literature with my children for years! You can imagine my delight when I was picked to review British Mid-Late 19th Century program from Hewitt Homeschooling.
This set comes with an excellent teacher's guide and a student guide. The teacher's guide is spiral bound and you can put it in your own three ring binder. It is 81 pages long and so much more than an answer key. It also has a wonderful section with checklists for grading papers and lots of project ideas to help learning come to life. The projects help to incorporate art, music and history.  I love it when I can create a bit of a unit study, but there are fewer and fewer opportunities as my kids get older. 
 Lightning Literature and Composition Pack
British: Mid to Late 19th Century
Hewitt Homeschooling has several different time periods, regions or authors in their Lightning Literature and Composition series. I received their British Mid-Late 19th Century program. This program sets out to really teach students how to read great literature and then in turn how to use great literature to improve their own writing skills. 
I won't kid you. This is a meaty program that is very much intended for high school. That said, I am very impressed. In the very beginning of the student book which is written to the student, it talks about activities to enhance your study. I loved the idea of a family reading or writing night once a week. We already read together as a family nightly, but the idea of sharing our own writings with the family is fantastic. We found a good time to do this was right after dinner. I also loved the idea of creating a vocabulary journal and taking time to summarize what you are reading each day with your family to increase memory and composition. This is so much like the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. I also found to be invaluable all of the tips and advice on how to read poetry. 
We started with the poem, The Idylls of the King The Coming of Arthur, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. This is a weighty piece of literature. However, with all of the wonderful advice and our handy vocabulary journals, we jumped in and digested the poem stanza by stanza. There are several Lord Tennyson poems. At the completion of the lesson, there are helpful comprehension questions and writing exercises to guide the student through writing their own poetry. My students also learned how to find the feet and meter of the poems. The writing assignments definitely helped my teens increase their writing skills, and the checklists helped me with editing and grading their work.
We are taking this program slower than we had intended. My teens are in 8th and 9th grade and still need lots of support with their writing efforts. However, the guide suggests how to do the program in one year instead of a semester; and we are following that suggestion, with a few extra pieces of literature sprinkled in. 
This gets a thumbs-up from our family. We are so pleased with it that we will be working through the entire book. We even might go on to one of the other books in the series. We reviewers on the review crew reviewed different levels, so click on the banner below to see a wide variety. 
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  1. We love Lightning Lit! We finished half of the British Early 19th century last year and will finish the rest this year along with some of their Shakespeare.