Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review ~ Fascinating Biology

Fascinating Education
We are not usually huge fans of online programs, but we were very excited to receive for review Fascinating Biology from Fascinating Education. This is an online high school science curriculum. You can choose from physics, chemistry, biology or medicine. My son (15) received Fascinating Biology. We also received the Chemistry Pre-Course for Biology, which is a good refresher and also teaches the chemistry that will make the biology course more clear.

Fascinating  Physics

What my son thought ~

There are 18 biology lessons that make a complete high school course. My son really likes this curriculum. He is a visual learner and loves all of the slides. They are simple to understand and are colorful (which makes them easier for him to read). Each lesson has a script you can print out and a slide show you can watch and listen to. The student can stop and start the program and review as many times as they need to understand a concept. There is a test at the end of each lesson. One thing that my son really likes about this program is the ability to take each test online or print out the pdf test and take it with pen and paper. The online test contains hints if the student is really confused. We mostly had my son print out the test and take it pen and paper style. He is finding the course material to be challenging although also interesting. He often things that science curriculum is too dumbed down. However, he finds this course to be excellent and it builds nicely on his prior knowledge.

Is this program creation or evolution based?

I would call this curriculum a secular program, which is a plus for me. As far as I can tell, it just avoids the topics of creation and evolution. I figure my son already has his own strong convictions and will not be swayed by any disagreement in philosophy that he may have with Dr. Margulies, the writer of the program. According to the website, "Religious views and scientific views differ, and Dr. Margulies does not see his role with these curricula to argue in favor of one or the other. His role is to describe the forces in the universe and how they play out in our everyday lives without addressing how those forces came into being or whether forces are being manipulated by God in some way."

What I thought ~

I like everything that this program has to offer. I appreciate the Chemistry Pre-Course for Biology, but think my son would have been fine without it. The program is well written and explains in very clear details. It covers everything you would expect in a biology course. The only flaw or limitation I saw in this program was that there are no labs for biology. I do feel that dissection in high school biology in very important. My kids also love science experiments so we will need to add this to our learning. Also, as a teacher, you need to print out the test scores and keep track of your child's learning. This program does not keep scores or records for you. That is fine with me, since I am a very hands-on teacher anyway.

This program gets a thumbs up from me. I was about to buy a biology text book for my kids, but with this program, I no longer need to do so. It has everything we need. To see what others had to say, click on the banner below. The Homeschool Review Crew reviewed different courses.

Biology, Chemistry & Physics {Fascinating Education Reviews}
Blessings, Dawn

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