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Math Essentials ~ No-Nonsense Algebra Reveiw

Math Essentials
Math is the most stressful subject in our household. I have one child who is good at math but hates it and another who struggles with math and feels very unsure about his abilities. When I was asked to review No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials, I was pleased, but my kids were devastated. They were ready for a break from math and were not at all happy about testing out this new product over the summer.
No-Nonsense Algebra

What is it?
This is a two part program. It is a workbook and textbook in one paperback and there is a code inside the book which gives you free access to online lessons. As the title of the program states, there are no distractions or nonsense in this program. Each lesson is broken into five parts. 
  • The online video ~ a short lesson that takes about 10 minutes to watch and helps the student work through the corresponding problems in the lesson he or she is working on.
  • Introduction ~ This is at the beginning of each lesson and is written directly to the student.
  • Examples ~ There are two to four examples with each lesson.
  • Exercises ~ There are 15 to 20 problems to work out in each lesson.
  • Review ~ There are a few problems to go over in order to review what you have learned at the end of each lesson. 
How we used it
I decided to use the program with my youngest who is entering 8th grade this fall. She is comfortable in math but doesn't care for it. She likes the workbook style and is always telling me to find curriculum that will get her through her school work in the most efficient way possible so that she can get back to her first love, DANCE. She has been working in a pre-algebra workbook for a few months prior to this program. We worked on the first section, Necessary Tools for Algebra, which is essentially pre-algebra. As it turned out, she decided that the course "wasn't so bad after all". She thought the videos were nicely presented and explained the material well. The problems are worked out on a whiteboard, while the teacher talks in the background. She also liked the workbook layout. She liked that there wasn't a lot of problems. She liked that this program promotes independence and that she did not need to wait for instructions from me to get her work done. She could even check her solutions in the back of the book (as long as she showed her work on paper for me).
I like this program for her as well. It is just the right fit for Anne. I do think it wouldn't work for my son, because he needs tons of repetition. There are only about 15 problems for each lesson. I realize that the concept is that, if you understand it, you only need to do it a few times. However, with a learning disabled person, repetition is the key to success. That said, I think this program is great for many neurotypical ("normal") kids. 
I also appreciate that the book is non-consumable, so it could be used for multiple children. The student does need to write the problems out on a separate sheet of paper. My daughter decided to finish the workbooks that she has been using for pre-algebra and then return to this program to complete pre-algebra for this coming school year. She really likes that it is very efficient. 
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Blessings, Dawn

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  1. You should try for your son. They have free, online math courses for K-Calculus. After you've started the "mission" in his grade level, the practice problems will repeat themselves as needed. They also have videos introducing each new topic, and as a bonus they also have a number of other subjects.