Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Review ~ CTCMath


We were given the opportunity to review CTCMath's Single Membership. Homeschoolers can try it for 60% off + 6 bonus months. CTCMath is an online course that teaches math for kindergartners all the way through high school students taking trigonometry. You can pick a family membership for multiple students or a single membership for one student. Once you receive your membership, you have access to all of the grade levels so that you can decide where your child needs to be working. For instance, my son was able to move around between lessons. He mostly worked in the Basic Math and Pre-Algebra sections, which have four parts and more than 100 lessons. He was able to work through lessons on decimals and then skip areas that he understood and then pick up with lessons about the Pythagoras theorem, which he knew nothing about. I was very impressed with the flexibility allowed throughout this program. My son has a significant math phobia and experiences instant stress when he doesn't understand a concept. The ease at which we were allowed to move around and give him lessons that were bite size was extremely helpful. Also, if you have a special needs child who isn't working on grade level, this flexibility is very helpful. My son felt encouraged by being able to sit down and do his math without constantly being reminded of the grade level. Instead, the assignment just stated what lesson he was doing, such as order of operations. My son really liked the teacher on the video. He liked the calm voice that he thought had a "British" accent but is actually Australian. He felt that the "lessons were as clear as math ever could be," which was clearer than he often experiences math. My son also liked that he could see the answers instantly, so he could get help if he was doing an assignment incorrectly instead of making many mistakes on the whole page. 

Each lesson starts off with a video lesson and then goes on to interactive questions with instant feedback. If your child prefers pen to paper math rather than working on the computer as mine does, you can print out the worksheets and let him or her do the lessons that way. 

This program is very user-friendly for the teacher. I appreciated that there is a placement test to help the teacher decide exactly where to place the student. Also, the program does an excellent job with record keeping. It is easy to know how your student is progressing on the parent/teacher dashboard or from the progress reports that are emailed to you weekly. 

Overall, we were delighted with this program. I think it was our favorite math program that we have reviewed. It was so easy to use for teacher and student. The lessons are clear. The record keeping is great and the flexibility is awesome. My son intends to use this program for applied geometry over the next few months.  Don't forget to check out their awesome deal going on until November 15, 2017. To see what others had to say, click on the banner below. 

CTCMath Online Math Tutoring {Reviews}
Blessings, Dawn

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