Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eye-Hand Coordination? What Is That?

Well, I really did it this time.  I mean my talents never cease and my children just don't seem to appreciate my talents!  We finally had made it home after being gone the entire day, and my teen asked me to throw him the keys so he could open the door.  So there I was in the driveway with a sleeping child in my arms and I took aim and Bam!  She shoots, she scores -- in the gutter!  Yep! I missed my son's hands completely and landed the keys in the second story gutter.  Did I mention that I really had to go to the bathroom and so did my little Red Ridinghood (3)?  So my son searched for an open window, found one, climbed through the window, unlocked the door, and climbed out through the second story window to retrieve my keys.  MY HERO!!!  On the bright side, my husband says no one will ever be in danger if I decide to throw something at them!  Just another story for which my loving family can taunt me!

Blessing and peace to you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Never High-Five a Honey Bee!

My little guy (5) had been asking questions about why the honey bees kept going in and out of the flowers.  I explained that they were getting nectar to take back to the hive and make honey.  My little guy was so delighted that he ran off to thank the bees.  I thought he would just say thank you, but my ears were soon met with screams.  Apparently, my little guy decided to try and give a honey bee a "high-five" for making one of his favorite foods!   Poor little guy!  Now his hand is all swollen and he feels rotten.