Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ancient China Round Up

We are just about finished with our ancient China unit study. We had tons of fun and learned a load of new stuff. We made ink from a Chinese ink stick. The stick is hard and decorated with little animals.

We then took the ink stick and rubbed it in water.

After much rubbing, we had a dark black ink that worked just like our modern ink.

It looks like the stick was hardly used. I will probably still have some when we are all done homeschooling in 12 years. LOL!

We also had a tea party with green tea. My kids are used to herb teas and black teas but not green. The girls liked green tea with lemon but not Tom Sawyer.

He was not impressed at all .... LOL! However, he liked examining and comparing the leaves of black tea and green tea.

Our rabbit trail for this study ended up being pandas. The kids loved watching baby panda videos on YouTube. They saw pandas a few years ago at the National Zoo, but they don't really remember them. We read lots of books on pandas and made little clay pandas. They came out really cute. Tom Sawyer made the one with the Samurai sword.

We also really enjoyed the Warlord's series of books. 

This book was a great introduction to why and how to use an abacus. The kids counted by 10's, 5's and 2's on the abacus my Mom gave them several years ago.

We also enjoyed learning about how kites were used in war during ancient Chinese times. This book told a great story about how two children saved their town from attackers with kites. It also snuck in some math measuring skills. Haha!

Of course, we just had to go fly a kite after this story. The wind was almost perfect today, so we gave it a try. 

Little Red Riding Hood got her first kite into the air for about 3 minutes.

Fun was had by all and some well needed energy was expended. We just have a few more days left of school (that need to be counted) for the Littles! I think we will just wrap up a few workbooks. The Littles usually ask for school SEVEN days a week, so there will be lots more educating, I'm sure.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I'm not sure yet how to save e-mails, but I want this one and your other one with your plans. I have your e-mail address because I will be back in the late summer/ fall when our son begins his studies on Ancient China. Your post makes me want to begin right away!

    God bless you, Dawn.

  2. This is so inspiring (as always!), Dawn! What fun!


  3. My kids want to learn about China, but right now we're on the Thirteen Colonies--a long ways from China. But I hope I remember all the great things you did, when we do get there! Really neat!


  4. This looks like so much fun. Make me want to do a study on Ancient China! Great job!



  5. Oooh, cool!

    I've never seen an ink stick before.

    I am so going to put that book on hold at the library (about the abacus).

    We got to fly kites recently, too. Lots of fun.

    You have the best studies for your little ones, Dawn.