Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wow...It is the first day of June.  Our summer is really getting underway.  However, a lot of life has gotten in the way of it really feeling like summer.  I expect that to change in about 24 hours....

Tom Sawyer and Goldilocks both had extensive eye exams.  Tom Sawyer had a great exam.  I told the optometrist how he was reading above grade level but still wanted to only read graphic novels.  She tested him and found him to be slightly farsighted.  He now has reading glasses and he loves them.  She said he would leap in to chapter books very soon.  On the first day he came home and read for 2 hours straight.  Woo Hoo!  

Goldilocks had many more issues.  She is going to need 9 months of vision therapy at a hefty cost.  It will take us a few months to figure out how to afford it for her.  The doctor said there was lots of work that could be done to improve her reading, writing, and overall learning abilities.  She said she was surprised that she could read at all.  Her vision was that of a pre-K to first grade student.  So there is hope for improvement.  I have blamed her learning issues on low IQ, FASD and RAD for so long.  It is exciting to think that she may have an opportunity to learn better.

Goldilocks also had some excitement with her hand.  She was chasing her little brother and trying to kick him and her big brother blocked her.  She fell on her bottom and then proceeded to try and smack her big brother repeatedly.  She missed one time and hit the hardwood floor with her hand.  Her hand did not look so bad, but she sure did carry on.  So we took her to a sports injury doctor in the morning.  Sure enough, she had bruised the growth plates in her hand and had to wear a half cast for a week.  This gave me the opportunity to repeatedly tell her that when you hurt someone you also hurt yourself. Amazingly, she has told everyone the truth on how she got hurt.  Although she looks a bit proud of herself in the photo ~ don't you think?

We leave for Disney World in just 24 hours....   I think only crazy people go to Florida in June.  However, we fit that category.  We are packing like nuts and trying to figure out the complicated pet care for our menagerie.  I am at this stage in the packing process.....

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.



  1. I would also have to have emergency caffeine!! lol. Have a wonderful trip. Good luck with the vision therapy...praying that all works out for you.

    Have a wonderful time at disney!

  2. Have so much fun! Stanley should be on his way tomorrow... I couldn't send the file to hubby to print because it was way too big. :/ oof.
    So I'll send him with a cd, and have him print and hopefully it will be in the mail tomorrow... Friday.
    Poor Stanley. He missed you guys, I think!

  3. Hugs to you friend! I hope you have an amazing trip with cooler temps that you expect - and shorter lines too.

    Great news on Tom Sawyer's eyes! Hugs on getting the rest figured out. (((Dawn)))

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. When you seek to hurt others you also hurt yourself. What a powerful lesson to learn, and kudos to you for taking advantage of the teachable moment.

    I know that you're in Disneyworld right now. Enjoy this vacation, and we'll see you when you get back.

  5. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip. You are probably back by now, or close to leaving for home.
    Praying that all works out for the vision theropy.

  6. Tom Sawyer and J really are alike in many ways; J recently got reading glasses (which he loves!) after we discovered that he's slightly farsighted. He's so much happier now that he has glasses.

    I'll pray that you can figure out the vision therapy for Goldilocks. It would be amazing to see how far she could go after getting the therapy.

    I love the picture of her. She really does look proud (and she's really growing up, too!). That was a great lesson you showed her; I'll have to remember that one because I'm sure we'll have an opportunity to use it! ;)

    I cannot wait to hear about your trip. We must be nuts, too, because we once went to Florida in June. I hope the chocolate came in handy!