Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Surprises

What a week!  There has been such devastation along our country's East Coast and our hearts and prayers go out to them.  We make the big move this weekend.  Yikes!  I think we are ready. 
Going clockwise with the collage ~
  1. I was preparing to lay a paper bag floor in Little Red Riding Hood's room when I spied some hardwood in the corner of her bedroom closet.  After a bit of excavating, I found hardwood flooring throughout the girls' bedrooms and hallway that were covered in a variety of hideous floor coverings. My dear contractor ripped out the ancient linoleum and mason block.  Then my Mother and Goldilocks scraped up all of the glue off the floors, which is really hard work.  Thank you, Mom.  The end result is that we have hardwood floors throughout the living room, hallway and three of the bedrooms now.  They need to be refinished some day, but for now they give the home a cohesive look and are in better shape then the nasty floor coverings that were here when we bought the house.  I LOVE these kind of surprises.
  2. Lady dog gave in to the anxiety of moving this week and attempted to eat her foot (to the bone).  She is now the proud owner of a cone collar and is enduring being called such names as cone head, coney and funny face.
  3. Although book work has stopped, there is plenty of learning going on.  The kids are working on work ethic, painting, mopping, cleaning, carrying, and NOT whining.  (I am trying not to whine to much, too.)
  4. We did have a little bit of fun this week.  The kids went to a trunk and treat at a nearby church and voted on their favorite display.  Each car was decorated with a different theme.  They were all very impressive.  The kids especially loved the theme from the movie, UP, and the Charlotte's Web display.  We prepared Tom Sawyer for nearly a week to have five pieces of candy on Halloween.  He prepped his body with high doses of vitamin C and Transfer Factor and took Activated Charcoal after eating the candy.  He did great and we saw almost no effects.  What a blessing!
One big surprise this week that was not welcome is that Tim's pacemaker has gone into the final stage of failure.  We can now schedule surgery and he will be having it in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, he does not feel too well.  He is now paced at 65 beats per minute all of the time, no matter his activity.  This means that walking his dog, helping move and doing any level of activity is quickly exhausting him.  His heart rate will not support any kind of active lifestyle.  He is also having chest pains, tingling in his arms and waves of nausea.  The cardiologist says this is all normal while the pacemaker enters emergency mode.  I hate that the insurance companies in this nation require him to suffer and get to near total failure before they will pay their portion of surgery!!!  Please pray that he will get scheduled quickly and that all goes well.  Also, we need prayer that all of the details will work themselves out during this very complicated time.  The month of November is just insane to have to add this new issue to our plate.  We don't even have a car with enough seats to get us to Duke.  I guess that is a worry for another day.  I am off to get everyone up and ready for moving day.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Oh Dawn -- I'll be praying for Tim. It makes me so angry just reading your post that insurance companies would behave in such a way. Something is very wrong with our system.

    I admire the way you are moving along (finding hardwood floors - yay!) and hanging in there. Please let me know if there's anything else I can pray for, my friend.

  2. First of all Dawn, I stopped as soon as I read this and prayed hard for you, for Tim, for your family.

    Then..hardwood floors!! How lovely. I know you were thrilled. Looks and sounds like everyone is hard at work. And yes I try to remember the 'no whining' myself at times. :) I am glad you all got to trunk or treat. We saw an "Up" 'Trunk' too that was wonderful! Blessings to you and Happy weekend.

  3. I am so sorry for what Tim will have to endure. That is ridiculous for him to have to wait. It should be at the stage he is in right now. grrr
    I hope y'all get a surgery date asap and that someone will loan you all a vehicle for the trip.

    Finding hardwoods is an absolute blessing!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

    Poor Lady! :( Hope she settles down soon.

  4. Dawn, I'll keep Tim in my prayers. I get so upset about the things that insurance companies do, especially when they cause undue hardship on someone! Praying for all of your needs to be met, and especially for renewed health for Tim.

    Discovering hardwood floors is such a blessing! How nice of your mom to help out; as great as it is to find hardwoods, I know what hard work it is to clean them up. Way to go Goldilocks, too!

    I had a dog who did the same thing to her foot when she was stressed. I hope the collar helps out and that Lady dog adjusts soon.

    I'm glad everyone got to have some fun, and how wonderful that Tom Sawyer was able to eat the candy!

    Continuing to pray for you during this stressful time...


  5. Oh, my! I am so sorry to hear about Tim. The house sounds wonderful. I hope the move goes well and Tim goes through his surgery well.

  6. Oh no, I am praying.

  7. Thanks for linking up at HammockTracks. Hardwood floors...what an awesome surprise! I hope you'll return this week.