Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Lego Party on a Budget!

Tom Sawyer is 11! He wanted a Lego party this year. We decorated with party goods from the Dollar Tree. The streamers, good containers, tablecloths, paper products and empty goody bags cost $18. Not bad.  We served organic popcorn (for everyone but Tom Sawyer, who is allergic to corn), veggie platter with hummus, watermelon, and potato chips. We also had organic soda and cherry juice. The boys really enjoyed standing around the food bowls and eating. I really didn't need plates ~ LOL.

Tom Sawyer made a Lego man centerpiece. It came out great. Each side had one letter in the word Lego. He is such a creative kid.

The cakes were an adventure. There were four kids at the party with food allergies, including Tom Sawyer. I decided on one vegan cake and one grain-free cake. I made a building block cake. I followed the instructions found here. The block cake was chocolate vegan. The second cake was a grain-free cake. I used this recipe but added lemon juice to make it lemon flavor and omitted the chocolate. I didn't have any liquid Stevia, so I used sugar. I think that is why the cake was so flat, it was too heavy with the weight of the sugar. The grain-free cake was so good. We loved it and I think it will be our new "go to" cake. The food cost about $25.

We had lots of fun activities planned. It was a rainy day, so the kids were rained in. Twelve kids, most of them boys, made for a noisy party. They were not very interested in most of my ideas. The boys mostly wanted to hide from the girls. They did settle down to a few activities. The most popular was Lego Bingo.

They also watched a Lego movie, played with Legos and some tried out the Lego games I found at the scratch 'n dent grocers in our area. These games were found for half price the morning of the party! They cost about $12 combined.

The gift bags were from the Dollar Tree and I decorated them with Lego templates I found on the Internet.  The bags were filled with cheap candy or 100% fruit ropes (depending on the individual's allergies), bouncing balls, glow in the dark sticks, and pencils. The cost of the bags was $18.

He got so many cool gifts this birthday. They were all perfect for him. He has been busy building ever since.

It is a tradition to put a gift outside our son's door the night before his birthday. He tends to rise very early, and it keeps him busy while the rest of us sleep. We put his grandparents' gift out because we thought it would take him the longest. He rose at 3 am (yes!) and spent two hours building this White House Lego replica. He loved it!

He also got several Walmart gift cards and went out to buy these cool guys.

What a fun party!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a fun birthday! Jay walked by as I was reading, spotted a Lego picture, and immediately stopped and asked to see all of them. He loved them!

    I can't believe that Tom Sawyer built that entire White House so quickly (and so early!).

    I've made that grain-free cake before and I think you're right about the sugar weighing it down. I used stevia, and mine wasn't super high but it was definitely higher than yours. We really loved it, too. I also make a chocolate grain-free cake that we loved:

    I'm glad that Tom Sawyer had a good birthday!


  2. What a fun birthday party! Loved seeing all the pictures and hearing about your day. The centerpiece is great! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy 11th birthday! Looks like a blast!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic bargain birthday! I love that you found so many great deals and used your creativity to come up with this:) Awesome! It looks like everyone had a great time, even with the rain.

  5. Forgot to say that your son's centerpiece was wonderful!

  6. Ok this is just the coolest!!! I love all the ideas you got. Seriously. The White House replica is amazing. The Lego Man centerpiece is great too. The whole party just looks like it was so much fun! Happy birthday to your boy! :)

  7. You are a amazing planner like... ALWAYS. :) I love all your ideas. I am thinking I will have to do a lego or owl theme for Noah (my 3ds) this year. Thanks for all the neat ideas. It was good to pop in here and catch up with you again.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))