Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC

We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina, for Mother's Day. What a great zoo! It had wonderful shade trees to deal with heat. The lines for different activities and to get into the zoo were quick and well organized. Since our oldest volunteers at a large nature center, we are always aware of the care and contentment level of the animals. All the animals seemed happy and well cared for at this zoo. (I wish I could say that about every zoo we have visited.)
Little Red Riding Hood wanted  her picture taken in front of her favorite animals. She loves the color pink so had to be photographed in front of the flamingos. of course!

We visited the botanical gardens that are in this zoo. It was fun taking the tram ride up the hill. My kids love any kind of trolley ride. The botanical gardens were lovely, and we would have enjoyed them for longer if everyone had felt their best. A spring cold is still bugging many of us.
In one part of the zoo there was an obstacle course. As soon as Tom Sawyer and Goldilocks saw it, they wanted to go on it. I thought it was too high and would scare them. However, the cost wasn't too prohibitive, and I thought it would be a lifelong memory if they were successful. I made a deal with them to give up getting a trinket in the gift shop for a ticket to go on the obstacle course. They both readily agreed.

They were harnessed in and taught about climbing gear. To my joy and amazement, they both went through all of the levels (all the way to the top). Furthermore, they encouraged each other all along the way! These two are my main bickerers and spend loads of time in strife. It was really nice to see them encourage each other. I am glad we only sent the two of them up there. I think it was a great moment for building a positive memory in their relationship.
Tom Sawyer

I bet this was good exercise for Tom Sawyer's core issues. It was also great for both of their self esteems.

Watching them made me one proud Mom. My poor husband and mother did not get their pictures taken the whole day. I am not sure how that happened. It was a lovely family outing.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. That obstacle course is amazing! I'm so glad they got to do that together and I'm sure it was a huge boost to each of them and their relationship.

    It sounds like a wonderful outing. Hope everyone is feeling completely well soon.

  2. What a fun day! Loved hearing about the obstacle course! :-) Very sweet memories! Happy Mother's Day!


  3. Wow, how cool!

    I can relate to having 'bickerers'!

    Looks like a great zoo.