Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 29 ~ Art, Dance, Gymnastics and a Haircut

In My life ~ This was the last week of our third quarter. You can read about our quarter here. I am pleased that we are mostly on schedule (not that we must remain on schedule). The kids are really enjoying our study of World War II. This week we started learning about Anne Frank and how the war impacted Holland. We also read a few World War II books that were not in our schedule for this week, because the library needed them back. I have been posting about our World War II studies separately as we finish each country. You can read my past posts here. Of course, we also studied the 3R's.

Art with Grandma ~ Grandma taught our little group about Elijah Pierce this week. We are a little behind doing this artist which we meant to do for Black History month. His wood reliefs are breathtaking. We made clay reliefs last week and painted them this week. They came out great and the kids loved this project.

We went to Pi Day/Einstein's Birthday at the library. Each child read several lines of numbers of Pi and received a moon pie. We followed up with a few YouTube videos about Pi at home. Little Red Riding Hood made the symbol of Pi with her rubber bands for the occasion.

Goldilocks has a new pixie haircut. I gave her a month to do a better job brushing her hair and keeping the knots out. She did not make improvements so off with the locks. This was her own choice since she didn't want to have to brush her hair. Her new hairstyle is much easier to manage and will be great when swimming season comes around.

Special Olympics Gymnastics is in full swing. Everyone is starting to do more complicated things in gymnastics. There were a few cool shots from this week. The pictures are a little blurry, but you get the idea. Goldilocks loves the vault. She is so strong. Now, she just has to run faster at the vault.

Little Red Riding Hood has no fear when it comes to tricks off the beam into the foam pit!

Some kids from church gave Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Sawyer a bunch of Pokemon cards. These two have taken over the table with this game. They are having lots of fun learning it.

The rest of our week has been consumed with preparing for and performing in the most recent dance performance at the dance studio. I am hoping that the professional photographer that was there got some better shots of Tom Sawyer than I did. This was the Tween/Junior Company showcase. Dance is such an important part of my kids' lives. They love all of it ~ the costumes, rehearsals, practices and, of course, the time on the stage. Tom Sawyer says that being on the stage in front of a crowd is the greatest thing. Several people came up to me to compliment Little Red Riding Hood. They said she had real talent and thought she did a lovely job. What nice things to hear, especially from parents of more experienced dancers.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Love the haircut! And the beautifully busy week:) My older girls would love gymnastics class! I can't imagine how strong you have to be to vault. It's my favorite event:)

  2. Goldilocks looks fantastic with short hair!! I wonder if a threat of the chop will make my girls brush theirs? I might have to try that......

  3. Dawn -- last year my daughter was really bad about taking care of her hair, too. I threatened to take her to get it all cut off. I am so glad to see I'm not alone in my strategy! I think Goldilocks hair is REALLY CUTE short!!!