Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Day in the Life ~ In Pictures

Here is a peek into our day. It was a little bit calmer than the last few days have been. As the days slip by since Goldilocks left, we are slowly finding our "new normal" (at least for now). This is a pretty typical day this week. Our school load is lighter and we are turning our attention to more writing and math. We will be returning to World War II studies soon, but for now we just need to concentrate on the 3R's in preparation for end-of-year testing.

7:30 am ~ Tom Sawyer and Timothy eat breakfast while watching The Indiana Jones movies 20 minutes at a time. It is their new morning routine time together.

8:10 am ~ We pick up the completed application from our caseworker and therapist to hand deliver to a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) that we hope will accept Goldilocks. A lot hinges on this application.

9:00 am ~ After dropping off Tim at his day program and driving out to deliver the application to the PRTF, we give ourselves a self-guided tour of the PRTF property. It is a big working farm with lots of buildings and mountain views. We are told it has an excellent reputation.

9:40 am ~ We are home and begin school. After watching CNN Student News and doing math, the kids work on spelling. 

10:45 am ~ I read two books to the children which covers music and science. We watch a few quick clips of a ballet school in China.

11:50 am ~ BLT's for lunch. Bacon is a comfort food around here. Thank goodness the organic nitrate-free bacon is too expensive to eat it often!

12:15 pm ~ It is time for some fresh air before going to Tom Sawyer's therapy appointment.

2:15 pm ~ Goodness, when we are leaving therapy, Goldilocks's therapist  gives this giant bear to Little Red Riding Hood! The therapist knows she loves teddy bears and says they are renovating the office and don't have room for the bear. The gesture is very well appreciated by Little Red. The bear is so big that the seat is folded down and the bear is siting on the floor while Little Red Riding Hood is on a chair!! We run a few errands while waiting to pick up Tim.

3:10 pm ~ We return from picking up Tim. Tom Sawyer and Little Red Riding Hood take turns working on some skill based chores one on one with me. Little Red Riding Hood draws a bunny while she waits to learn how to clean grout in the bathroom.

3:45 pm ~ The laundry is caught up, Daddy is almost home, and everyone has free time. By some miracle I have only spent about one hour on the phone today working on getting Goldilocks' services and updating my family on the latest about her.

5:00 pm ~ A friend from our adoption support group dropped off dinner. We eat loaded chili cheese fries. It was delicious.

6:00 pm ~ Daddy takes his turn visiting Goldilocks at the hospital. She is responding very well to the institutionalized setting and states that she finally feels safe. She doesn't have to deal with many people, events, stuff or choices. She prefers the controlled environment of the psychiatric hospital, but misses the outdoors. Our prayers are that we will secure a placement that will help her to heal and feel secure until she is capable of coming home.

While Daddy is at the hospital the rest of us snuggle up and watch a movie.
So, that was our day. We also listened to the audiobook, Dead End In Norvelt, whenever we were in the car. This is a very funny story that is giving us a few giggles.

Update ~ Goldilocks was just released from the psychiatric ward. She returned to our therapeutic respite care provider. We are hoping to hear from the PRTF that our application has been accepted in the next few days. I just keep reminding myself that God is in the details. We have been abundantly blessed in how all of this has unfolded. Counting blessings:
  • No one was hurt during this psychiatric crisis, and the more we find out, the more we realize the danger she was in and we were in.
  • Everyone agrees on the level of care required to help Goldilocks (including even the insurance company!!).
  • We have gotten so much support from the professionals on our team.
  • Our adoption social worker was filled with kind words and gave us some important information which will help keep us financially secure as we embark on this journey.
  • Everyday I am seeing growth and healing in my children who are still here at home.
  • Goldilocks is showing through her words and actions that we have had a profound impact on her despite that she finds it nearly impossible to love us or to feel our love (her words). She has shown to us and to the hospital staff that she actually has our core values instilled in her and these will help on her journey during the next few months.
  • Our therapeutic respite care provider is willing to keep Goldilocks for a few more weeks if necessary.
  • Goldilocks is safe...
Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow, you really have busy days. We are still praying for peace for all of you. It was really fun to see a day in your life.

  2. Praying for all to work out for Goldlilocks...and all of you!

  3. Continued prayers for you my dear friend! I will pray that Goldilocks will be able to get into that facility. Do you know how long it will take before you hear something?

  4. I'm praying for your whole family, Dawn. That smile on Goldilocks' face at the end is heartwarming - I will be praying you can find good placement for her and that all of you can begin to heal. I cannot imagine how hard this is for you. Hugs to you -- and I hope you feel God walking beside you, Dawn.

  5. This must be such a hard situation. Praying all works out for the best for Goldilocks and the rest of the family. Hugs!

  6. Prayers and I know God has a plan for you and Goldilocks

  7. I have been deeply touched by your story and I pray that your family finds the peace it needs to heal.

  8. How like you to count your blessings and how like God to give you so many to count. I will pray that blessing so great will rain down on both you and Goldilocks. God has a plan. Always God has a plan.

  9. Continued prayers for you all. You have been on our hearts!

  10. I still pray for all of you every day. I hope that you hear back soon about a new location for Goldilocks and that everyone continues to heal.

  11. Praying for continued safety and healing for Goldilocks. I was glad to see your Easter pictures and hear about the happiness of the egg hunts.