Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Day of November 2014

Snow on the first day of November in North Carolina!

Took a short trip to the library.
Tom Sawyer settled down with a new library book.
Dishes, laundry, and floor mopping -- they all happened.

Little Red Riding Hood moved the furniture around in her room again!

A movie for me while folding a mountain of laundry.


  1. That's very early for snow! But it's beautiful! A trip to the library and being indoors with good books is a good way to spend a snowy day. :-) I like to watch a movie while I'm ironing, which is a similar task to folding laundry. :-)

  2. I always find I can do the laundry so much easier with a movie! It never actually gets put away unless their is a movie or show involved. I want snow!

  3. We need it to snow here, or at least have a colder spell than we are currently having. It is so warm here, and cold virus' are rife. we need a decrease in temperature to kill them all off!
    Have a lovely week, Dawnx

  4. I love your snow pictures!! Snow is something we rarely get and it is still so magical to us both. I was going to let you know I have password protected my blog. If you would like the password please email me kakeiatbellsouthdotnet :)

  5. I loved seeing pictures of your days at home over the years. They've always made me want to come over. I wouldn't even need to interact; I'd be content to just sit and observe. Of course, I know it wasn't always calm and peaceful, but you know that I'm used to anything. All this to say that I really like your photos (and I still can't believe that you got snow down there!).

  6. I am so not ready for snow! :)

  7. Movie laundry-folding - brilliant idea!