Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Week 28

We had a good week. We seem to be consistently off schedule this five week unit. We are getting lots done, just not all the things I had planned. You all know about best laid plans, right!

A Huge Accomplishment ~ Dear husband worked two weekends in a row to get our crawl space insulated. He laid plastic over the dirt on the "floor" and then insulated the "ceiling" of the crawl space. Our floors are so much warmer now and there is no longer a breeze coming from the cracks in the floor. I am so proud of him. The space was tight and dark. I couldn't even see him sometimes even with his head lamp on.

A Quick Visit from Grandpa ~ My father stopped by on his way to Florida. It is always fun to see him. We had a lovely one day visit with him. We went to an indoor recreation place and played laser tag and miniature golf. Little Red Riding Hood especially liked cooking with Grandpa.

Acts of Kindness ~ We only managed three acts of kindness this week. One day they attempted to smile and greet everyone they met. That was really hard for my shy Tom Sawyer. Another day they gave a surprise gift of a candy bar to their older brother. Lastly, they left a stuffed animal for an unsuspecting child at a playground that is located in a poor neighborhood.

Out and About ~ The kids went swimming with Grandma one more time before the free pass expired. They also made it to all of their dance classes, drama class, math and writing classes.

Homeschooling ~ We did lots of workbook pages again this week. The kids read books and did math, but we never made it to any of our science experiments. We seem to be having trouble getting back on schedule with our two unit studies. I think we will only get our Beyond FIAR unit study on Neil Armstrong completed during this five week period. The kids enjoyed cooking and art the most this week. For cooking they made Dilly Bread and Boston pork shoulder in the crockpot. They are really improving in their cooking skills.

Grandma taught art to us this week. She did a lovely presentation on Andy Warhol, complete with this video of  him eating a hamburger. He was the first to use media in the way we now use social media. We then designed labels for our own cans of food. It was lots of fun.

On the Blog ~ This week I posted my list of 100 books to read in middle school. I would love to hear your additions. You can click here to see it.

I am joining collage Friday.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow that is a small space! Learning doesn't always follow our plans, but it happens anyway. That's been a hard thing for me to learn. You demonstrate that so well though. Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Dawn, found the link to your blog! :) Your DH is a hero! I know mine is whenever he has to do any dirty work. You had a great week. Always love the art lessons.

  3. I'll bet the warmer floors make the house feel much cozier! Sounds like the kids enjoyed their activities and the bread looks yummy! I have been leaving quarters in the Aldi's shopping carts as my itty bitty affordable acts of kindness! Thanks for joining us at the linkup!

  4. I only follow a few blogs these days, and I haven't even kept up with them lately. I loved sitting down and catching up with your family, Dawn. It's always fun to see what projects the children are working on and what they're studying. Your random acts are so inspiring, and illustrate that the smallest of gestures can really make a difference in someone's life. I'm glad that you have warm floors; I have to admit to feeling a little bit uncomfortable just looking at the picture of your dh in that cramped space! :) Take care, and thank you for your encouragement, Dawn! Blessings, Denise

  5. Oh, I don't think I could have done what your husband did! Close DARK places? No way! Good for him though and your family! A special time to cook with grandma! Kids remember those things! What a sweet, sweet gesture to leave a stuffed animal for an act of kindness! I think kids can relate to Warhol as an artist since we see some of his art frequently. I've also done a study on him with the kids. It's a fun study!

  6. I'm so behind with everything at the moment, but I really enjoyed reading your wrap up. When I first saw the photo of your husband I thought you were all reenacting world war II! I love all your good deeds too. A lovely week.