Sunday, June 14, 2015

Goals for 2015 - 2016 School Year

We finished school off with our last presentation with friends. This has been a very positive experience for the kids and I will be continuing it next year. Little Red Riding Hood did a presentation on dance, Tom Sawyer talked about the Solar System, and the twins taught us some Hangul. We capped the evening off with milk shakes and rootbeer floats.

I know summer break just started, but my head is already racing with ideas for next year. I am a planner and there is nothing I love to plan more than my children's education. I always like to start my planning with a list of goals for my kids. This coming year I will have two middle school kids. This is an exciting time in their lives. They are growing so much and changing daily (so it seems). My primary goal is always to keep my children's hearts happy and fulfilled and help guide them successfully on their journey through life.

I have been thinking a lot about what is important during the middle school years. I want my children to become self-sufficient. I want them to explore, imagine possible futures for themselves and solidify their knowledge. I want them to enhance their critical thinking and take pride in a job well done. Lastly, I want them to be an asset to themselves, family, friends and the community.

Here are my goals for them next year. I will explain how we will achieve these goals in another post.

Goals for both kids ~ 
  1. Read great literature
  2. Learn to use both types of microscopes that we own
  3. Learn to use our telescope
  4. Learn to make and serve four different meals from start to finish
  5. Learn how to wash clothes from start to finish
  6. Learn now to make bread from start to finish
  7. Get as close to grade level in spelling as possible
  8. Become comfortable writers
  9. Do a research paper
  10. Stay on top of personal hygiene
  11. Increase public speaking skills
  12. Continue to dance and perform
  13. Complete a survey course of general science
  14. Achieve another grade level or two in math
  15. Lots of exploration of STEM activities
  16. Increase computer skills ~ PowerPoint, email, research online, etc.
  17. Serve ~ do charity work in several different settings
  18. See new places and do new things
Personal Goals for Tom Sawyer (13)
  1. Learn to play an instrument ~ Guitar
  2. Manage at-home physical therapy program independently
  3. Decrease his critical outlook on the world and negative self-talk and negative talk toward others
Personal Goals for Little Red Riding Hood (11)
  1. Learn to hand sew
  2. Learn to use a sewing machine
  3. Learn Pointe (ballet)
  4. Explore the French language

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Awesome goals! I good mix of life skills and learning! I think sometimes we forget just how important things like cooking and sewing are...Book learning is great, but every day skills get us through. I started making goals a month or so ago. I'm still tweaking things for the fall and waiting for one more text book. In the meantime, enjoying summer!

  2. Great idea to set goals so clearly. It's good to ensure life skills are met. I was sorely lacking in those when I went away to college. It was pretty scary. I like that Tom Sawyer's goals include his outlook too. That is so important and it's a nice that you have it as a documented goal to work on. As well as the physical therapy so he can be more independent as he gets older.

  3. I was interested in your goals for your son. T is thirteen also and when he was 11 he went through a patch of being fairly negative. He hit puberty really early, with his voice fully breaking before he was even in his teens. I think the negativity in his case was hormone related. We never allowed it though. I have heard from mum's of his friends that they have had similar experiences. I don't know if it helps but they do grow out of it!

  4. LOVE this list, and I'm "stealing" a number of your goals for my middle schooler. We are basically using this time to reinforce the basics, but as you said, this is also a time to polish some life skills. Laundry, cooking and cleaning come to mind. The blessing is that it's just she and I, so I will have uninterrupted opportunities to help her along. As much of a test as she can be at times, I am looking forward to this time of one-on-one attention. Thanks for your encouragement through this post. Keep writing, friend; you are an inspiration!