Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 2 ~ The Week I Wanted to Return to Summer Break!

What a week! By Wednesday, I was ready to close up our little homeschool for a few more weeks. It wasn't because of the students or the curriculum. It was just life. My life had so many demands on me this week, it seemed impossible to stay on top of our studies. In fact, we did more school at night this week than I have done since my current students were babies when I schooled our then teenager while everyone else was asleep! We made it through and I am content to hang up my teacher hat for the weekend. We will be back at it Monday with, hopefully, less craziness and interruptions.

Hermit Crabs ~ I forgot to mention we got two hermit crabs at the beach. These guys are active. We are learning how to care for them. We haven't had hermit crabs in years. They are loads of fun to watch.

Crafts and Camping ~ Dean and DH went camping last weekend. They had a great time while Anne and I stayed home and crafted. Anne has wanted to try Perler beads for a long time. She embraced this craft with a passion, and we stayed up until almost midnight creating.

Homeschooling ~ My goal this week was to do tons of science. We didn't get to half of what I had planned, but we did get some science done. I had to alter the whole week to make it all work. I am very thankful for the ability to be flexible.
  • Completed The Diamond of Darkhold, book 4 in the City of Ember series ~ Literature
  • Life of Fred Jelly Beans, 3 chapters ~ Math
  • Teaching Textbooks, 3 lessons ~ Math
  • 2.5 hours of assigned reading ~ Language Arts
  • Writing Prompts, 3 days ~ Language Arts
  • Grammar workbook pages, daily ~ Language Arts
  • A Reason for Spelling  (Level E, Dean and Level C, Anne), Lesson 3,  all 4 days plus spelling test ~ Language Arts
  • Last day of PT for Dean (YIPPIE) and a quick PT evaluation for Anne to make sure she is ready for Pointe. Her teacher wanted her arches and foot that turns in to be checked out. She passed and is ready for Pointe. ~ Physical Education
  • Swimming and trampoline play,  3 hours ~ Physical Education
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy shows, "Caves" and "Earth's Crust" ~ Science
  • Finished the Trebuchet Tinker Crate finally! We made marshmallow shooters, dancing puppets and tested controlling a ping pong with a hair dryer. We also completed the challenges with our trebuchet ~ 2 hours ~ Science
  • Augustus Caesar's World ... Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, the Roman Calendar, etc., 3 pages ~ History
  • Explored our new Intelliglobe with wireless intelli-pen ~ Geography
  • Polishing Silver ~ Is this a dying art? The kids loved doing it, although it was not completed to Downton Abbey standards ~ Home Economics
  • Painting walls and baseboards at Grandma's house ~ Home Economics 

The making of these puppets drove the kids crazy, but the puppets were fun once they were done.
Anne thought that this was the coolest job we have done all summer!
We have inherited a lot of silver through the years. There are still two more pieces to polish.
Whew! It is time for a rest. Happy Homeschooling!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow, PT is over. How exciting. That is a bunch of nicely polished silver. I've got loads of it too, but none of mine is polished. I'm rocking the lazy home keeper look. You did accomplish quite a bit of school, even if it was evening school. Have a restful weekend.

  2. I think what you call Perler beads is known as Hama Beads here in Australia. We go through phases at our place with them. Home economics for us at present is redoing our laundry - a few water & pipe dramas in the process but we're getting there.

  3. You guys got heaps done, no longer you all need a rest to recover! We're starting our next term today and I know the children will find it hard for the first few days being back in such a strict schedule.