Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Open-Ended Week

I sit here trying to think what to write as my wrap-up for the week and I don't know what to say. This week feels like it was filled with loose ends. From very small things to rather large ones, nothing feels completed.
  • The Christmas tree is down and on the curb, but the ornaments are all over the floor in the process of being packed up. 
  • Dean had a major 5 hour diagnostic medical appointment this week, but no confirmed results yet. 
  • Math, what am I going to do about math for Dean? He needs a hands-on, real world math curriculum for junior high/high school. Any one ever heard of that?!
  • My wonky wall oven died in flames of glory in the middle of a snowstorm yesterday. I had just turned it on to preheat it. I guess it really was ready to be retired. Too bad I am not ready to replace it. Where is the money going to come for that?!
  • We only partially reopened school this week due to many appointments, Dean having an earache and the aftereffects of Christmas and visitors disaster to the home.
  • One of our chromatography chemistry experiments failed and spilled all over the counter and floor overnight. I was left with a stained counter and floor. So far, I have partially removed the stain.
Lots of loose ends. As I look out on a morning of fresh, untouched snow, I am reminded of fresh starts. That is where I am at the end of this week. I am looking for a fresh start next week. 

One happy success we had this week was playing lots of math games. Thank goodness for games! They bring us together and help us learn when we are too tired or distracted to learn in more traditional ways. 

52 New Things ~ I am going to try something new. I want to keep a list of at least 52 new things that we do within our family this year. It could be a new game, going to a new place or learning a new skill. I will probably post this separately in the future, but since I am writing my Friday wrap-up post on Saturday, I will just include it here. This is the most I can manage this week.

Number One New Thing ~ This week, we played a brand new board game. We received Harry Potter Clue for Christmas. It is similar to the original board game, Clue, but with some extra twists and turns. We are liking it better now that we are getting the hang of the new rules. We love anything Harry Potter around here. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Dawn, I know exactly how you feel!! It was such a relief to hear that someone else is not making the transition from Christmas holiday to school schedule as seamlessly and beautifully as everyone else seems to be. We had illness, doctor's appointments, unexpected financial drain and mishaps that made the starting of things seem futile. Seeing all these posts about beautiful transitions, Christmas decorations all put away and a good chunk of school work accomplished just made me feel like there was something wrong with me! Your blog and your friendship has been such a blessing to me! I always come away feeling better about things. Perhaps we will accomplish more this coming week!

  2. That looks like such a fun game! My boys love Clue and Harry Potter... I bet they'd love this!

  3. I can totally relate to the stained kitchen, so very sorry we have that in common now. (wink)

    We woke to a blanket of unexpected snow this morning. It does give a fresh perspective.

    I hope you get caught up on de-Christmasing soon!

  4. Aren't those the strangest weeks? Loose ends can be exhausting. The games all look like fun! We're big Harry Potter fans here, I'll have to keep my eye out for the Clue game.

  5. Love the idea of 52 new things and the Harry Potter Clue. I'll have to look for that.