Saturday, February 18, 2017

For Today ...

For Today

Looking Outside My Window ... at today's sunrise. It is going to be another warm day. We are having such strange weather here in Western NC.
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I Am Thinking ... How to help my son Dean. He has been struggling with depression for a few months now. He is in my heart and thoughts every second of the day. 

I Am Thankful for ... a comfortable bed.

One of My Favorite Things ... is taking power walks around the city while my kids are in dance classes.

I Am Creating ... as much laughter and peace in my home as I can during this challenging time.

I Am Wearing ... red and white pajamas.

I Am Reading ... Smart but Scattered Teens by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, and Colin Guare.

I Am Watching ... The Crown, a series about Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix.

I Am Hoping ... that I will find a way to rejuvenate myself. I am feeling very much on empty these days. I also hope my husband gets the job he interviewed for this week. It is a job he has wanted for some time. 

In the Kitchen ... I hope to get a few meals made and put into the freezer to ease the week.

In the Schoolroom ... We are wrapping up a unit study on Ancient Egypt and just finished our semester of chemistry. Teaching teenagers is still fun with hands-on projects.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a fun and quick review of this moment in time.

  2. I understand the feelings of worry about a depressed teen. I have two of them that seem to cycle in and out of depression that is more than just teen hormones. I will remember both you and him in my prayers.

    Sending you good kitchen vibes and and positive thoughts for your husband.

  3. I'm praying for your husband's job prospect and for Dean. Thanks again for the book recommendation. I'm still working through Smart but Scattered Teens too. We are not struggling with depression at the moment, but with a lot of scatteredness. After graduating from this round of psychology, we are deeply entrenched in OT because there is just so much to address in that area.

    Hoping your week is going well.