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Review ~ History Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study

We love Home School in the Woods products, so I jumped at the chance to review History Through the Ages Project Passport World History: Ancient Egypt. We received a digital copy that we could download and print off what we needed. This study did not disappoint. It is chock full of lapbook materials, hands-on projects, audio recordings and much more. We are enjoying it so much that we may order their newest Passport to History: Ancient Greece.
HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study
My kids were quite familiar with Ancient Egyptian history, so I chose to do many of the hands-on projects and listen to the MP3 recordings with my teens. We chose to bypass the lapbook at this time, because we recently had studied this time in history. However, I looked over the lapbook materials and they are wonderful. We also found the timeline and timeline figures to be very useful. The timeline really helped everyone keep track of the events and important people of Ancient Egypt. The first project the kids did was create a shoe box diorama of an Egyptian temple. I simply printed out all of the materials, and they colored them in and assembled the walls and floors. There were many people and information blocks to choose from to add to the diorama. The picture below is of the project about two-thirds done. 
Next, we decided to try out some of the wonderful recipes that were provided with this unit study. My kids love to cook and there are 11 recipes to create. We chose to make a lovely Egyptian yogurt dip to eat with pita bread and stuffed dates. They were so good! We enjoyed a delicious lunch. We hope to try a few more recipes soon. 

The kids went on to make a cartouche, which is a name plate. They used the printable worksheet of hieroglyphs to write out their names on clay. The directions were easy to follow. 

Lastly, we did a quick study on artifacts from Ancient Egypt and then made several out of clay. The kids made an Eye of Horus, Ankh and a Nemset Vessel. We loved these simple hands-on projects that really reinforced our knowledge of Ancient Egypt. 
There are many more hands-on projects in this unit study. We could have dressed up like Egyptians, made a reed boat, made a chariot and so much more. We still plan on making a shaduf and studying how farmers used the Nile River to water their fields in the middle of a vast desert. We are also enjoying Tomb Dash, a folder board game. I printed it all out and assembled it on a normal folder. This is a wonderful way to review all that they learned.
This program gets a thumbs up from our family. I used it with two 13 year old students and one 14 year old. It was exciting and they learned lots of new things. They thought that the projects were mature enough and they liked the audio recordings. I feel that this program could easily be used for all grade levels in your home. That is a huge plus in my book. There is truly something for everyone. Whether you have a reader, a hands-on child, a budding cook, an auditory learner or one that loves to lapbook, it is all here and every individual's learning style can be nourished.
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  1. We used this one last year and loved it too! The Ancient Greece one is fantastic.