Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Week of Spring Fever

We are really feeling ready for spring around here. Dean and I spent time in the yard transplanting iris back into the bed that had escaped. The cherry blossom tree outside his bedroom window is blooming. My husband is tuning up the lawn mower and mowing today! I hope spring really is here to stay, but I suspect it isn't. We had such a funny winter and it is still only March. We shall see. I toyed with taking spring break early but decided to stick it out and wait until the public school system and dance studio are on break. We are actually doing educational field trips each day of spring break, which will still count for school ~ but don't tell the kids 😉.

I decided to make our field trip this week to the nature center even though it didn't really fit into our science plans. The kids just needed to get out, and Dean needed to familiarize himself with the layout of the nature center before he volunteers there this summer. Our nature center is over 40 acres. It is a big place. I hope it will be a great growing and confidence-building experience for our young man.

We also went to a mini golf course, plus go-karting with another friend last weekend. The kids had a blast!

The rest of the week was spent doing school lessons and going to appointments. Dean had another speech evaluation, where the speech pathologist gave some more ideas on how to work on his pragmatic language issues at home. This coming week is going to be a blur. We have tech week for the Junior Company showcase. Anne has seven dances. Goldilocks has an all-day appointment at the FASD Clinic that I will be attending, and we are preparing for a gigantic yard sale. No wonder I have spring fever! It feels like life is taking precedence over school right now. Nevertheless, we are inching toward the finish line. I sorted out the books that we have completed so far for this school year. It felt good to get the school shelves down to manageable order. (I kept walking past the shelves and things were falling off.) It made us feel like there was no end to how much work was left. Now I can see the finish line much better. This has been a rougher school year than most, and I am ready to put it to bed. We have just nine weeks to go. I never regret homeschooling my kids though. It is an awesome blessing to be home with them and guiding them to their goals. I wouldn't have it any other way -- even on the rough days, months ~ and, in this case, most of a YEAR.
Blessings, Dawn


  1. You have an FASD clinic?!?! Wow! I didn't know that existed. I'll have to look for one in my area . . . I wonder if there's one associated with our local children's hospital.

  2. I'm looking forward to the end of the school year too! It's always great to reach the point where we can say - enough, we're taking a break and shelving school.

  3. I'm suffering from homeschool burnout myself. I've decided next year, no making my own plans for science and history. The kids just aren't getting enough done. I need to focus more but I can't seem to. I really need to weed through everything, get organized, and finish up plans for the remainder of the year. I will do it!!!!!

    I think part of my lack of motivation is this weather. We've had an off winter also and its been raining for almost two weeks. Last year it rained from April to September. I'm looking forward to a drier year and some more sunshine, I hope. I need to get cracking!!

    Take care and have a wonderful week.

  4. That sounds like a HUGE nature clinic; how wonderful.

  5. We didn't have lessons last week, as the girls were providing child care for a local event all week. They did learn a great deal about child behavior this week, snicker. Our local schools are on spring break this week, but we will be working hard to push towards the end of our year. I know we have at least 3 days in April that we'll lose as well, sigh.

  6. Fun times! We have a lot of appointments this week too, and a drama extra rehearsal if she can manage it. We're beginning to finish things here too. It's a good feeling. Good luck with your week.