Saturday, November 4, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Here We Come, November!

Can it truly be November already? Could it really be that we have already received the Nutcracker schedule and that rehearsals are already in full swing? Dear Daughter will be doing Saturday and Sunday rehearsals from here on in. Unfortunately due to some things out of my control, November is already turning into a super busy month, even without The Nutcracker. 

This week's major interruption was my colonoscopy. I have a disturbing family history when it comes to precancerous polyps, so it is something I have to keep a watch on. I did the colonoscopy without sedation. I hate being sedated and this way I didn't lose a whole day being groggy and not being able to drive, etc. It really wasn't that bad without sedation. Happily, I had a clean scan and I don't need to go back for 10 years!!! You can imagine my happy dance!

Halloween School ~ We did some fun science and math for Halloween School this year. We reviewed mass, circumference, conversions using the metric system and estimation for math. The kids estimated the seeds and then counted them. They counted over 400 seeds in the pumpkin. We also made slides with our pumpkin guts and looked at them with our compound microscope. Lastly, we studied the seeds with our dissection microscope.

We also watched the 1931 version of Frankenstein.

Halloween ~ I deemed the kids to be too old for trick or treating this year, much to their dismay. After all, many of their teen friends were still trick or treating. However, there has to be an end to everything. We enjoyed dressing up and walking around downtown with some friends. The kids got soda and ice cream.

Dear Husband was the headless horseman
A Fall Walk ~ We took a nice morning walk in the woods this week. The leaves are changing very quickly, so it was lovely. Life will be very hectic for the next two months. I want to make sure that we have moments like this pleasant walk to sustain us.

We are plugging along in all subjects and staying on target. We saw two movies this week. We really enjoyed October Sky with our Literature Movie Club. Our family also watched Dead Poets Society. It was a bit too intense and emotional for Dean, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

Thoughts for November ~ I want to enjoy November because it is one of my favorite months. However, there is a very crazy schedule to get through. So here are my plans to thrive in November instead of just surviving. Thankfully we are starting off ahead in about half of our subjects.
  • Concentrate on staying healthy. 
  • Let the kids sleep in when possible and keep our diet healthy.
  • Enjoy the season.
  • Keep the house clean for my own sake, even if it means setting aside a lesson here and there. 
  • REMEMBER that life is filled with learning, even when there isn't as much time for books. The learning is often better without the books, anyway.
We will be doing school seven days a week for the next few weeks. That is partially because all of Anne's rehearsals count for her performing arts credit and partially because fun school like literature-based movies and hands-on building projects are worthy school projects that will help us navigate this very busy season.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. The pumpkin fun! I love that learning is part of everyday life. Good luck in your busy month. I think you have good goals, especially the sleeping in and healthy eating to get through the stress.

  2. It looks like you guys had a great Halloween! Love the headless horseman costume. My 20 year old went out trick or treating and we saw some middle aged trick or treaters. I think age limits have gone by the wayside in this generation. I have to have a colonoscopy soon as well because of my breast cancer.
    You are the most dedicated homeschooling teacher I know.

  3. It looks like a great week! I like you're survival plan for the busy month!

  4. Good luck surviving November. I love that you have a plan. November always used to be our busy month. This year it was October. It was mostly fun but I'm looking forward to a more peaceful November.

  5. What a lovely walk. I hope it DOES sustain you through busy weeks ahead.

  6. Great plan to thrive during busy times. I've had to set aside a lesson or two lately to handle household chores, but in the long run it evened out. Glad your colonoscopy was clean! I'm one of the every five year people; I have polyps removed every single time I'm scoped. And I'm a wimp, so I let them put me to sleep.