Friday, February 16, 2018

Week 23 ~ Chugging Right Along

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We had one of those weeks that was not really all that picture worthy, but filled with lots of progress. I sure do like weeks that flow peacefully.

Dean is really embracing the workbook style of learning right now. The lessons are quick, clear and to the point. Just the way he likes it. He is moving through his lessons with a speed I haven't seen in about two years. He has very few complaints, too. He is using history worksheets from this site. He is also using Spectrum workbooks and homemade workbook sheets for earth science, math and English (writing skills). He is also doing a few different long-term experiments right now. We have a lemon clock going. Everyone made a guess on how long it would run before the lemon energy ran out. It has now exceeded everyone's estimation. The clock has been running for five days now. Once it dies, we will test the energy of a potato and compare.

His compost study is coming along well, too. He is two weeks into the observation and the banana peel is very hard to find because of its color but otherwise seems solid and unchanged. The potato chip is moldy and breaking down; the orange peel is starting to get mold on it; and the carrot is showing no change. Dean is most surprised by the potato chip. He thought it would be last to change because of the chemical changes it underwent during the process of being fried.
Anne is working so hard on all of her subjects. She seems to be on fire right now. Each lesson completed fires her up to complete the next. She can see the end in sight for several subjects, and it is really motivating her forward. She also got one of her top two desired positions in the upcoming performance of Alice in Wonderland. She is the caterpillar, which is a solo role that combines acrobats, aerial arts and dance. She also will do multiple group dances. Lastly, she got her date set for her level 4 Cecchetti exam this Spring. She will take the test on Memorial Day. She is one excited, busy young lady right now. 

We enjoyed a spring-like walk at Biltmore this week. The weather was amazing. Dean was in his element, setting up one photo shoot pose after another. Unfortunately, he erased lots of pictures, because he felt they were "meh". He is such an artist in that way. Nonetheless, it was fun to see his creative energy unfolding. The pictures below are my photos of him creating his shoots.
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Lastly, we took the family to the mall on Valentine's Day and tried Dragon's Breath, which is liquid nitrogen-infused puff cereal. We felt a bit crazy putting them into our mouths. However, it was totally fun blowing smoke through our noses!

Well that is a wrap for this week. We plan on getting as many lessons done today, so that we can possibly do a field trip with Daddy on Monday for Presidents Day.



  1. I would never have thought a lemon clock would last that long; I just figured the lemon would dry up in a few days. Such fun science experiments he's got going on. We had a few days with sun and mild temps and I made sure to get out and go for a walk and soak it in.

  2. Congratulations to Anne on her dance accomplishments! Dean's work sounds so great! Aren't seasons of peace wonderful?!?!! I'm glad you're having one. :)

  3. What a great week! Congatulations to Anne on her role as the caterpillar! The lemon clock is awesome, and I can't believe it's gone this long either!