Friday, April 5, 2019

Week 29 ~ Homeschooling the Whole Child

This is the time of year when I really feel pulled to check boxes and wrap things up. It can be a time of year when I forget about what is best for the whole child and concentrate only on the student part of my kids. I have intentionally put the brakes on my box checking self and concentrated on the whole child the last few weeks. So our spring is feeling pretty peaceful.

We had a lovely nature walk this week at the botanical gardens. Dean tried telling me that we had been there before and it was going to be boring and the flowers weren't out yet -- so he intended to just sit in the car and wait for us to return from our walk. However, I had other thoughts about that and insisted he get out of the car. He immediately started having a wonderful time. Before I knew it, they were hopping from rock to rock across the river, declaring themselves to be mountain goats. Transitions are still hard for Dean and he has to be pushed along, but the results are usually positive. At the end of a lovely hour, he proclaimed that it had been worth it. I wish he would remember this for the next event.

My beautiful girl

Image may contain: Dawn Beasom Purdom, sitting, indoor and outdoor
A photo shoot

My mountain goats

That stick he is holding came home with us!

We pulled off a quick poetry tea. Sometimes I pull out the china and tea pots, and we do a really fancy tea, and sometimes I just want to get it done. This was one of those, "get it done" times. We read the entire book of Maya Angelou and listened to her reading several of her poems on YouTube.

We had a lovely art day with Grandma. Dean and his girlfriend learned about Mary Engel, whose assemblage art work they had seen in a local gallery a few weeks ago. They were really drawn to her art and decided to make some of their own. 
Dean made a blue whale...

and named it Blue Frostie!

Miss F made a bejeweled cat.

We visited an art studio and a special exhibit in the last week. First, we saw the "Who Is Afraid of Red" exhibit at the local art council. It was interesting to see how the 16 different artists created artwork using the color red.

Next we went to one of the galleries of our most famous local artist, Jonas Gerard. He was not in his studio this time, but we got to talk to his assistants and see where he works. We plan to go back for one of his painting demonstrations soon. This gallery is very different, because visitors are encouraged to touch the art. Dean and Miss F were shocked and amazed to be allowed to touch the art.

He has drums in his studio for when he needs a break from his painting.

Anne had a very busy weekend with three performances, each consisting of six different dances per night. As usual, she performed wonderfully. Her toenail that has been threatening to come off for the past few months is now hanging by one side and has to be carefully taped every day. Her feet and legs are covered with bruises from her very physical dances. She really looks like a dancer these days ~ LOL. I was not able to take any video or photos this time since the audience was asked not to use cameras. Boo Hoo! About two years ago I started giving Anne a rock for each of her shows on opening night. Rocks last longer than flowers and she really loves the tradition.

Our home has been filled with friends this week. We had Anne's two best friends for the entire weekend so that they could make it to all the shows. We had fun wandering around downtown and stopping at a candy shop and a game cafe with them. I feel so blessed to have such lovely ladies in my daughter's life. They are true friends to Dean, as well.

I also feel blessed for sweet Miss F (Dean's girlfriend). She is kind, funny, patient and joyful. I picked them up from the wandering swordsman games last weekend, and this is the way she was dressed...just because.

Anne completed English II this week! I will be posting this credit on the blog soon. We are so blessed to homeschool!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Those jeweled art pieces are lovely! You're a great inspiration to me each week, and this week in particular. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and gentleness. Thanks also for sharing that you need to prod Dean along to cooperation--that helps me be okay with the prodding I feel I need to do but wonder about in this world of "child led" learning. I feel in my heart that child led is perfect for free time, but not all of the time in our family and for our children.

    Wish I could go to that touchable art studio!!

  2. I just love their jeweled sculptures! I often have to drag my oldest hiking with us and he grumbles the whole time but he does it and even (on really rare occasions) makes suggestions as to where we should go.

  3. Such a great week! The artwork turned out lovely!

  4. What a wonderful week! It was relaxing and refreshing just to read about it. I needed the "whole student" reminder - we've been checking boxes lately too.

  5. I've really been feeling the urge to go see art. I went to the art museum in Honolulu last year, and I loved it. I need to get up to the one in Sacramento again. I would really enjoy touchable art!