Saturday, October 19, 2019

Growing Up!

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We went to a rooftop restaurant and had Shirley Temples to drink.
My baby turned 16 last weekend. How could that be? She is turning into a lovely young woman inside and out. She requested 16 new experiences instead of gifts or a big party this year. Her two really big new experiences were a concert with her good friend Hazel and a night out on the town to get Shirley Temples with  her dear friends, JoJo and Eva. The concert ticket to see 21 Pilots was a gift from Hazel's family. What an amazing gift. It was her first rock concert and she loved it. The next night we went out to a rooftop restaurant for Shirley Temple drinks (non-alcoholic, of course) and a photo shoot. We then came home and watched Footloose while eating tons of candy from the mega mystery candy bag. We still have to accomplish three or four of her wishes, but I have until the end of the month.

Her final 16 things list:
  1. Foot soak
  2. Teeth whitening kit
  3. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
  4. Shirley Temple
  5. Tour of Homes, "Grove Park Mansions"
  6. Footloose movie
  7. First audition for the Nutcracker
  8. Make custom conditioner (Grandma Sue's gift)
  9. Zebra cake
  10. Mega Mystery Candy bag from the local candy store
  11. Receive a family heirloom
  12. Drive a car in a parking lot
  13. Get a massage (Grandma's gift)
  14. Go to a rock concert
  15. Go shopping for cocktail dresses with friends
  16. Dye hair black with temporary hair dye
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    Anne and her friend in their seats ready for the show
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First Rock Concert

Also, this week we celebrated my husband's birthday with cake, a movie at home (The Monument Men) and a few gifts. It was a very quiet evening in comparison to Anne's birthday. It was just the way my husband wanted it.

In other Growing Up events this week ~ 

Anne passed the online classroom portion of Driver's Ed with a 95%. Now she is ready for her eye test and the 6 hours of driving with a teacher. We are going with a private driving school instead of with the public school program because of safety issues. 

Dean had his first Vocational Rehab intake meeting this week. He was assigned a very nice and talkative woman as his caseworker. She will be helping him figure out what he wants to do with his life, what training he needs and helping him find a job with supports (if needed). Right now, he has very few ideas for a career or job and is very anxious about growing up. She was so nice and understanding. He will have career testing in a few weeks and then they will sit down and discuss the results. Based on the results and what he feels, they will try some job shadowing. Hopefully, by next summer he will have his first job and we will see how that goes. They will support him and help him get/switch jobs for as long as it takes to get him gainfully employed. What a wonderful program. He qualified easily with his health diagnoses. This program is free and open to all special needs people throughout the nation.

We are taking it easier this weekend and trying to catch up. We have tons of school stuff to get done next week. We did get a bit behind with all of the celebrating this week. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Such exciting growing up experiences for both Anne and Dean! Anne's are little more flamboyant and fun than Deans, but both stories are amazing. I wish Anne continued joy in her birthday month, and I wish Dean success and peace in his pursuit of gainful employment. I'm glad you found this program. When you posted about how few opportunities are available, I was so sad for you both. I've continued to keep you in my prayers, and I consider this program a heavenly blessing for you guys.

    I wish you a quiet, productive week ahead.

    (And a Happy Belated Birthday to your husband!)

  2. What a great birthday idea - new experiences!! We just went to our second twenty one pilots show last week too - honestly, my favorite live band!! Happy Birthday to both Anne and Dean, and best wishes to both of them!

  3. So many wonderful things for you all!