Saturday, December 12, 2020

Advent Week Two

 We had a delightful week filled with lights, joy and love. What more could anyone ask for at any time of the year? 

Saturday ~ We did the drive-thru light show at the arboretum. It was wonderful. I am glad we finally got to see it. I've noticed that lots of things are less expensive this year because they have to be virtual or drive-thru which makes it more affordable for larger families -- a tiny silver lining in a very difficult year.

Sunday ~ We had a 1950's Christmas night. We ate Hungry Man TV dinners, which was a first for some of us. We were not at all impressed with them. Invented in 1954, how on earth did they survive through the years? Then we had a Stratego tournament. This game was invented in the late 1940's and grew to great popularity by the 1950's. Lastly, we enjoyed taste testing candy from the 1950's. The fireballs and root beer barrels were the best.

Monday ~ We took two holiday senior boxes to Meals on Wheels. The kids have made boxes for Meals on Wheels and delivered them since they were toddlers. It is hard to believe that they are almost grown up! The time passes so swiftly.

Tuesday ~ We made round two of Christmas cookies. It was a long day, but I am glad we did all the cut out cookies in one day. They make such a mess compared to the other cookies we make. Now, if I could just stop eating them....

We also made a small donation to

Wednesday ~ Our charity today was delivering a bag of pantry groceries to Mana Food bank. Our on-going family entertainment is watching Salem interact with our Christmas train, which was a gift given to us for Christmas this year. We love it, but she ADORES it and comes running from anywhere in the house when she hears its whistle blow.

Thursday ~ Our holiday Yum Yum subscription box arrived from Universal Yums. The snacks were from all over the world this month. We liked the United Kingdom and the French snacks the best. 

Friday ~ We wrapped the week up with a Hot Chocolate Bar for movie night. We watched Knives Out, which isn't a Christmas movie but is a family favorite for those who had seen it before. Everyone loved it again.

The Rest of the Story ~ The rest of the week went much better than last. As suspected, dear husband's thyroid numbers were bad and he started a medication to fix the situation. Hopefully, he will be feeling much better by Christmas. Our family and friends are mostly improving from their bout with COVID. More people are testing positive in my stepmother's bubble, and she is still running a fever every day. Her cough is worse, but she seems to be holding steady. Hopefully, she will be out of the woods by next week.

Anne and I spent a lovely morning touring the community college in a neighboring county that Anne hopes to attend in the fall to study to be an ASL Interpreter. The college is tiny and lovely with a large lake and beautiful outdoor landscaping. We met the director of her program of study and talked all about the opportunities ahead. There are a few negatives that we will have to figure out, such as that most of the classes in her course of study are at night which messes with dance. Also, the college is almost an hour from home on difficult roads/highways that are dangerous during the day, let alone at night. Anne absolutely hates driving, and I don't blame her for her concern. Even I don't like to drive on some of the roads that lead to her college. I am sure it will all work out in the end...these issues always do. She may only do online courses the first semester anyway.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a great week! I love the way you worked various components into your days, especially the 50's day!

    I'm glad they are getting your husband's thyroid levels figured out. That can be so dangerous, and makes you feel terrible.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. This the the sweetest and cleverest celebration of the season I've ever read about! What fun!

    But I must admit that I'm anxiously watching for news about Elijah's work. I can't for the life of me figure out why there is such a massive delay in getting him into more job shadowing or a job training situation.

    Nonetheless, you have so much goodness in your days, and I often include you all in my prayers . . . though I will admit to a bit of failing in that area as my heart and mind have been consumed by my Pixie.

    I wish your husband and extended family good health!!!

  3. My boys play Stratego all the time; we inherited the game from my mother in law when she moved. I find it so funny you cat runs to the train as ours used run away from our Christmas train; it terrified him! Glad to hear your husband and most of your family members are feeling better.