Saturday, April 21, 2007


My kids are always up to or saying something funny.  I really live with a bunch of characters.  My Tom Sawyer (4) was the real character this week.  On Thursday we went to Wal-Mart, and when we were in the check-out line, he said he had to go potty NOW!  Luckily, I could see the restroom from the check-out line and off he ran.  As soon as he was in the restroom I heard him yell, "I got to go potty --everybody out!"   To my amazement, three men came out and waited for my little guy to come back out.  He did and said thanks to the three men, who went back into the restroom.  Well, at least he thanked the men when he came back out, but I guess we will have to work on understanding that the stall is your private space, not the whole restroom!  LOLOL

The other funny thing out of my little guy this week was when we were on a walk a few days later.  He was filling his bucket with pinecones from the edge of someone's yard, when it occurred to him that maybe they wouldn't want him to take the pinecones.  I assured him that it was fine and that he could keep his treasures.  He was so pleased that he suggested that we go home and collect the Magnolia pods from our yard and take them back to the pinecone person's yard and spread them around as a gift!

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  1. O my word!!! That bathroom story is hilarious!!!!