Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a Day!

Boy, am I worn out!  I felt so stretched today.  My husband starts a new job on Monday!   We are super excited, but there is a lot going on closing up his old job and getting him/his clothes ready for the new job!  In addition, my 4 year old turns 5 this weekend and has decided that he wants a birthday party with a theme of the human body!  Actually, what he wants are skeletons, lots of them -- I've come up with a skeleton cake, pin the heart on the skeleton, make life-size body posters of the kids to color in and bone cookies to decorate!  If anyone has any clever ideas, let me know quick! 

Anyway, with my busy day underway, we had to have at least one funny/crazy thing happen and it happened at 9:30 am.  My little Red Ridinghood (3) was going upstairs to go potty when someone asked her a question.  She stopped to answer and couldn't hold it any longer.  She went potty right where she stood.  If that wasn't bad enough, the urine went over the ledge of the stairs and down the wall, splashing on the VCR and TV below.  OH MY!   My poor little Red Ridinghood was shocked!  Well to say the least, I got to move some furniture and give a good cleaning to a part of the house I wasn't expecting to clean today!  LOL  On the bright side, my stairs and floors are hardwood, so weren't damaged, and mopping them has made them all shining clean now!

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