Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunch for a Pharaoh

We are just preparing to flee Egypt with Moses in our SOTW history study. I thought it would be fun to join in on Muffin Tin Monday this week, since they are doing Royalty. Go over and see all the great royal feasts. We have spent some time over the last few weeks studying Ancient Egypt and what it was like to be a pharaoh. We found that Egyptians ate grapes in all forms ~ wine, juice, fresh and dried. They also really liked beef and ate many vegetables and fruit. However, they did not have plums, peaches, and pears and apples were rare. They believed fish and poultry were unclean, although the poorer population ate them. However, we are having a pharaoh's feast. Pharaohs never
used any utensils and washed their hands in little water bowls between courses.
Clockwise~ grape juice, beef meatballs, blueberries, sticky bread, pecans, and raisins

Of course, no feast would be complete without a "real" pharaoh. My husband stood in as our very own pharaoh, using the fancy mask we had made.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Simply wonderful!

    ~Michelle at Her CUp Overfloweth

  2. Great muffin tin! So creative!

    Heather at Way Out West

  3. You are so cool! I love this idea! My sister has been doing Ancient Egypt with her homeschooling children this year as well. I'm definitely gonna share this idea with her!

    Mama Said


  4. blessedwith2angelsJanuary 12, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    What a fun feast. Love how your husband dressed as pharoah!


  5. Found my way here from another blog.

    Very creative!!!



  6. Lunch in a muffin tin--what a great idea! My teens would probably think I was out of my mind if I tried to serve lunch this way, but they would have loved it a few, short years ago!

  7. Hi! What a fun I'm sure they will remember more than the standard peanutbutter and jelly.

    It was nice catching up on what you've done over the past couple of months. Thanks for sticking with me and checking in on me during my rough time. Hopefully things are now getting back to normal for us...a new normal that is.

  8. Brings back memories. Isn't it fun doing stuff like this?