Monday, January 19, 2009


We were fortunate to spend Sunday morning at the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a family that celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every year. When I was a child, before MLK day was a federal holiday, my mother always kept me home from school out of protest, calling in to say why I wouldn't be at school! We would get up early and go down to Washington, DC to march for Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday to become a national holiday. 

This year we had the opportunity to go to Atlanta for another occasion, so we just happened to be in Atlanta for MLK weekend. Even though we woke up to rain Sunday morning, I really wanted to go over and say a prayer for peace around the world at his grave and pick up one of his speeches at the gift shop. We also enjoyed the visitor center and listened to some of the church service that was blasted out into the street from Ebenezer Church. The one part that was not fun was losing Tom Sawyer for about 10 minutes in the visitor center! Apparently, he told my Mother that he was going to the bathroom but she didn't hear him. Let's just say that event took a few more years off my life! Thankfully, we got him back safe and sound.

Grandma and the kids with a statue of Gandhi

Inside the visitor center pretending to march

At Dr. Martin Luther King's graveside, the reflecting pool was almost frozen but the rain let up.

I will hopefully get up an entry in the next few days about why we went to Atlanta in the first place.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Another landmark missed! I think we need a staycation! I've lived in the Atlanta area for fourteen years and this is another place I need to visit.

  2. What a nice trip. I would love to visit there. I think it's wonderful that your mother kept you out of school in protest.

    On another note, did the Big Teen grow about a foot?? He looks SO tall!

    Sorry to hear that you lost Tom Sawyer; that has to be one of the worst feelings ever.

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip!


  3. I so enjoyed reading this...and thought the story of your mom protesting the day not yet being a federal holiday was fascinating to read.

    We always celebrate it or work it into out studies each year, too...

    But how great that you were able to visit that sight in person!

    If you do get a chance, feel free to join us in this week's home school open house!



  4. I love to visit the civil rights museum in Birmingham, Ala. The park and the Church across from the museum are very nice too.

    I'm glad you found Tom Sawyer quickly. Those events always caused my gray hairs to increase at an alarming rate.



  5. I just love your slideshow! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun with some art studies.

    I've never been to Atlanta, but would love to go someday.

    I have to mention that I saw several posts down that you guys are wanting to see the King Tut exhibit there. That is so funny because we are hoping to get to the one in Dallas before it leaves (May). I just love all that history related stuff :-).

    Hope your week is going great and thanks for stopping by my place!

    Blessings, Julie

  6. What a neat experience....except for the part where you lost your son! =)

  7. cool.

    I totally hear ya on the commentators. I didn't listen to them. Kept the sound down until the actual ceremony.