Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Wrap-Up ~ A Good Week

We had a pretty good week, although there were a lot of doctor appointments, which made the week a bit hectic.  However, we got most of our planned schooling done, plus some extras.
  1. Tom Sawyer has been very creative with Legos.  This week one of his creations was a rock band. 
  2. What happens when I let our oldest go off to play sports with his friends?  He comes home bloody.
  3. We went to Science Wow at our local science museum and learned all about probability.  The lessons were taught game-show style.  Everyone got to play and win a prize.
  4. We celebrated the end of our study of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln with a Strawberry Soiree.  Mary Todd and Abe Lincoln loved to eat strawberries and holding a soiree was their favorite way to entertain.  We had strawberries with homemade chocolate sauce, spinach and strawberry salad, meatballs, potato chips, homemade strawberry juice, and strawberry yogurt.  The kids also read their Civil War reports to Daddy.

    Here is another view of Tom Sawyer's Lego creation.
    In yesterday's entry, I said I'd talk about the dentist and living grain free.  I never imagined that avoiding corn at the dentist would be such an ordeal!  We love our dentist.  He and his staff do a great job of meeting my kids' special needs.  I explained Tom Sawyer's allergies and told them I was especially concerned about avoiding corn.  They started reading labels on all of their products.  After more than 30 minutes of phone calls to toothpaste companies, Internet searches, and digging through their storage closet, a plan was devised.  They brushed his teeth with ground up volcanic ash (pumice)!!  It was the only thing they had without corn in it.  They also had to use the infant fluoride and special gloves that had not been dusted with cornstarch (many food items and products are dusted with cornstarch to prevent sticking).  It was a big ordeal.  It is now in his records, so no one will have to go through this again.
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  1. Love the Lego creation. I, too, have a passionate Lego enthusiast, as you may already know. :-) ~Julie

  2. Great lego creation! :-) I am so sorry to hear of all of the hassle at the dentist's office, but thank God, they were so diligent and took the time needed to find something that didn't have corn. Who would've thought that there was corn in all of the dental products? Certainly not I.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Many blessings,

  3. Dawn... I love the Legos, too. We were working on creating instructions for our simple Lego creations this week - much fun!

    Thanks for linking!

  4. What a great, fun week of learning! I am going to have to remember that about Lincoln and the Strawberry Soiree!!

  5. Your oldest looks quite proud of his battle scar! I love your strawberry soiree! The Lego creation is very impressive, too.

    Good job on your dentist's part for going the extra mile. I continue to be thankful that we don't have a corn allergy here; I think that corn and soy are the toughest allergies in terms of avoidance.

    Glad you had a good week...

  6. Love the legos...we have a lot of lego building going on here as well:)

    Those giant teeth are pretty cool!

    That's a crazy thing to think about- I know corn is in a lot of things, but I had no idea it was so widespread. I'm glad the dentist found an alternative for your son.

  7. Your projects, as always, look great, especially the strawberry feast--makes me hungry! Don't feel bad about the vocanic ash treatment. Our son went in for what should have been a routine braces tightening, and wound up getting a diamond cutter to his mouth! Geesh!

    Continued blessings in all that you are doing, Dawn!

  8. Wow on the trip to the dentist! Who knew?! One of my other friends is dealing with a corn free diet and she has told me that it is in so many places that you would just not believe. Sure sounds like it! GOod for you for finding a solution - and for a great dentist practice willing to work with you!