Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ Valentine's Edition

Pretty ~
I was spoiled this Valentine's Day.  My husband bought me the math program I wanted for the kids for Valentine's Day.  I was so excited about it.  He also used blog2print to get the first year of my blog put into book form.  We have really enjoyed reading it this past week.  In addition, my parents gave me flowers and a valance for my sitting room window. Aren't the flowers pretty?

We decided to buy the kids a gift each this year.  We are trying to reduce stuff coming into our home on a regular basis. Thus, we decided to take advantage of the holiday as a reason to add a few things we'd been wanting in the household.  When they get the "wanties", I just say they have to wait for the next holiday. 

The kids were delighted with their gifts.  We are now in a Waltons marathon.  I am so pleased that my children love "The Waltons".

Happy ~
We were so happy to take a break from our studies and go to an ice cream social at a friend's home. 

The kids and I were also happy to do two charities this week.  We made cat toys out of socks, cat nip and stuffing for the Humane Society.  We also made about 70 Valentine's cards for the clients of Meals on Wheels.

Funny ~
For most people Valentine's Day involves lots of sweets.  With our special needs diet, most treats are impossible, so I made a special breakfast.  My kids thought these apples were funny and yummy. 

Real ~
We managed to get everyone to the dentist this month.  The oldest had a cavity, but everyone else had great checkups.  Little Red Ridinghood loved changing from her pediatric dentist to my dentist.  We made the switch because my dentist is much cheaper, and I felt like she was old enough to handle a cleaning without me by her side.  She did great.

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Blessings, Dawn


  1. Great gifts. My husband got me a new slow cooker and some flax meal.

  2. So glad you had a great Valentine's Day! Looks like fun for all of you. What did you do to the apples? They look really neat!


  3. It looks like you had a very blessed Valentine's Day!!!!!! Gorgeous flowers and I love the books for the children.
    The apples were very clever. I'm sure those were a bit tricky to pull off, but they look great.
    I'm taking one in for a filling this week. Good thing she loves going to the dentist. We all go to the same dentist and just love him and his staff.

  4. I love your Valentine's Gifts (how thoughtful of your husband to have your blog made into a book!) and I also like the fact that you made all of those Valentines for the Meals on Wheels clients. You are teaching your children such important lessons!

    I wish I could get my kiddos to like The Waltons, but they thought they were scary! (Not sure what's up with that...) They love Little House on the Prairie, so I guess we'll just stick with that for now.

    I'm curious about how you made those apples, too!

  5. Also, I gave you a blog award, The Liebster Award. There's no pressure to follow through with awarding it to others, but I did want you to know how much I appreciate your blog!

  6. Dawn - About the history museum. Its a permanent exhibit so you can visit the next time you are here. :-) They said it has been MANY years in the making and it shows!