Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 19 ~ Welcome Back, Sun!

I am so glad to see the sun again.  It has rained steadily since last Saturday. Then we were promised snow ~ 100% chance! However, all we got was 2 more inches of rain ... bringing our grand total to 7 inches in six days. I have spent the week fighting to keep the mud out, the kids calm and engaged and convince the dog that he really could survive a little bit of rain ~ REALLY! We ended up having a great week.

Science ~ I realized that we did not get to do much science last quarter. I am making a real effort to get more science done this quarter. Math and science are Little Red Riding Hood's and Tom Sawyer's favorite subjects. This week we did some water experiments to learn the difference between hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

We also studied the medicinal uses of ginger. We made ginger water, ginger ale, and did ginger foot soaks.  

Poetry Tea ~  We enjoyed our second quarter poetry tea this week. I wrote more about it here.

On The Home front ~ We are almost done with this round of renovations to our home. There is more to do, but we are running short on money. Still, we got lots done. This week nine windows were replaced. We plan to do the rest as soon as we can. However, a new roof will probably have to come first. Why do we always buy houses with great "bones" that have been neglected for years?!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Sounds like school is going great!! I'd love to do the ginger stuff with the kiddos! That sounds like alot of fun.

    Just think of the finished product in your home. It will look and be wonderful!! I keep walking around eyeing what I want done with our day.

  2. That ginger ale picture is priceless! I also like your new windows, and the way your new lights look so pretty inside. I'm glad you had a good week and got to see the sun. We sure were missing it here, too!