Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Lessons on Henri Matisse

We spent our 18th week of school learning about Henri Matisse. The kids loved this artist because he used several techniques ~ painting and cut outs. After we finished the 3R's each day, we did different art activities.
  1. We read the books, Matisse the King of Color, Weekend With Matisse, Famous Artists Matisse, and Henri Matisse Drawing With Scissors.
  2. We enjoyed the Matisse Art Activity Pack, which had lovely stencils to help with our cut outs.
  3. We watched a library video on Matisse.
  4. The children wrote a nine sentence paragraph on what they learned about Matisse.
  5. We watched this You Tube video slide show. 
  6. We did picture studies of "The Romanian Blouse", "Icarus", and "The Horse".
  7. We maintained our art notebooks.
  8. We made story color collages on our windows. This idea was adapted by Pinterest ideas and the book Discovering Great Artists. We used tissue paper with watered down Mod Podge.
  9. We made several cut outs and put them up on our walls to enjoy.
  10. We plan to go to the Nasher Museum in the next few weeks to see a wonderful exhibit of many modern masters, including Matisse.
From notebook on artist:

Story collages we put up on our window:
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Blessings, Dawn


    1. I always enjoy your art study posts! They inspire me.

    2. What a neat week! Loved the window collages!!! Beautiful!