Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Spring Break

We took our Spring Break a bit early because my stepmother is in town this week. I did have the kids do math most days and a little bit of work towards their big research projects which are due next week.  However, for the most part we enjoyed a break. We went on several field trips around town and out of town.

Gourmet Chips ~ We went on a field trip to a place in town that makes a large variety of homemade chips. This is such a wonderful discovery for Tom Sawyer because there is no corn used in any of their chips. He has not been able to have any kind of potato chip other than plain Cape Cod for the last two years. How exciting to taste a variety of flavors. They make them fresh right in front of you. We tried vinegar and salt, chocolate glazed potato chips, and Southern barbecue.

Tea House ~ We also took Grandma Sue to the Tea House we found a few months ago. It was fun to order all different kinds of tea and gluten-free treats! We enjoyed Plum Tea, Eastern Winds Tea, Nettle Tea and Boston Tea Party Tea. We also ate buckwheat fig rolls, lavender cake, olives and dried fruit. I love the sign below with the word tea written in many different languages.

Grandma Sue's Birthday ~ We celebrated Grandma Sue's birthday this week with a homemade lasagna and cupcakes. We let Tom Sawyer have a cheat, and he LOVED his slice of lasagna. My husband got a bit goofy with the party hats.

Georgia Aquarium ~ We went on an amazing trip to the Georgia Aquarium this week. It is a very pricey place, but well worth the money. If you would like full details on how we do long distance day trips and how much we enjoyed the aquarium, go here. The short story is that we LOVED the aquarium.  The Whale Sharks and Beluga whales were amazing. We also totally enjoyed the Moon jellies! We are big fans of zoos and aquariums that are well maintained with happy animals. This aquarium seemed especially well maintained. All of the sea creatures had lots of space and were busy playing. In many of the galleries, we were surrounded on all sides by fish. It was awesome.

What a great week!

Homegrown Learners

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a fun week! How wonderful that Tom Sawyer was able to eat the chips; I know how much that means when diets are so limited. The aquarium looks amazing. I love the party hats picture!

  2. What an exciting week at your house!!

  3. Dawn! You were in my neck of the woods! Yes, the aquarium is a wonderful place. Would you believe last year my husband had a work event there - we all went for free, ate lunch in the ballroom (gazing at the Belugas) and then did the aquarium and dolphin show? What a blessing, because I know it's expensive.

    I'm so glad you had a good time - and all of your celebrations looks like fun.