Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poetry Tea ~ Robert Frost

We celebrated Robert Frost's birthday this week with a poetry tea in his honor. We held our poetry tea at breakfast time with homemade potato pancakes, apples, cheese, nuts, raisins, and berries with cream. We also had two kinds of tea.

We concentrated on four poems for this tea -- A Girl's Garden, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, Mending Wall, and The Road Not Taken. I read each poem to the children. Well, actually, I sang  A Girl's Garden to them since I remembered performing it in high school. Then we listened to some lovely readings of the poems on YouTube.
  • A Girl's Garden The kids were impressed that I still remembered all the phrasing as well as the tune of this song since I sang it so VERY LONG AGO. After all, I graduated from high school back in the Stone Age. LOL
  • Stopping By Woods... This one is great to listen to with your eyes closed and write down all the sounds you here ~ sleet, snow, horse hooves....
  • Road Not Taken We listened to two readings of  this poem. I like this one for the reading and this one for the photography.
We then completed a little lap book.

Blessings, Dawn


    1. I love your poetry tea ideas!! I already have plans to implement them into our school next year.

    2. My daughter likes Stopping by Woods a lot. She was insistent on using a quote for a paper she was writing.

    3. What a nice tea with such a beautiful table runner! As much as I love literature, I've never been overly fond of poetry, but Robert Frost is the exception. I really enjoyed listening to the YouTube clips; thanks for including those links!

    4. I love Frost! I can't help it. His poems are just easy to relate to...simple and yet beautiful at the same time. I plan on doing a Frost unit next year so I am pinning this so I can come back for the videos and ideas.