Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Advent Books 2013

It is that time again! Wow, the days are long and the years are FAST. November is such a busy month for our family, and I look forward to the calmer Christmas season in December. We started the tradition of opening a new Christmas book each day of Advent a few years ago. It is a cherished family tradition now. We try to do an activity with each book. I have a few new books this year ~ thanks to some great finds at our local used book store.
  1. The Legend of the Christmas Tree ~ Buy and put up Christmas tree
  2. The Animals' Christmas Carol ~ Put up Nativity
  3. The Chanukkah Guest ~ Make latkes 
  4. The Legend of the Poinsettia ~ Deliver Christmas boxes for Meals on Wheels clients
  5. The Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Listen to Christmas Carols
  6. The Legend of St. Nicholas ~ Play Secret Santa to someone
  7. Find Scrooge in a Christmas Carol ~ Finish decking the halls
  8. Bear's First Christmas ~ go on winter nature walk
  9. Corduroy's Christmas Surprise ~ Do one of our charity activities
  10. The Dog Who Found Christmas ~ Do an animal charity
  11. Librarian's Night Before Christmas ~ Donate to the library book tree
  12. A Christmas Carol ~ Watch the movie and go to Return to Bethlehem reenactment 
  13. Too Many Tamales ~ Make a Mexican meal
  14. The Crippled Lamb ~ Attend our special needs support group's party
  15. Good King Wenceslas  ~ Donate food to the food bank
  16. The Baker's Dozen ~ Make and deliver cookies
  17. Christmas in the Trenches ~ Make Christmas cards for the Red Cross
  18. Christmas Tapestry ~ Watch Christmas movies
  19. North Country Christmas ~ Take a Christmas field trip
  20. Papa's Christmas Gift ~ Wrap family gifts
  21. The Steadfast Tin Soldier ~ Take a drive to look at Christmas lights
  22. Night Tree ~ Decorate a tree for the birds
  23. The Gift of the Magi ~ Hang stockings and final cleaning/purging of home
  24. An Irish Night Before Christmas ~ Church
Blessings, Dawn

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  1. What a wonderful list - I especially love the activities you'll be doing with the books! You will have a special Christmas season indeed.