Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 14 ~ Our Week in Numbers and Triumphs

I could tell you that this was one of those weeks when life seemed like too much or that this was a week when raising so many special needs children left me overwhelmed and a bit heartbroken. There were those moments in this week. For the sake of keeping it real, yes, some days are really long and frustrating. Some days I spend too much time worrying that I am not doing enough or the right things to help my kids. Sometimes I even feel sorry for myself that nothing I am doing fixes a child! However, I like to think positively and remember my many blessings and triumphs. Our family is very blessed and we are not walking this path alone. A prayer my Mother taught me when I was very young comes to mind.
God is with me and
 only good shall come to me.

Also the Serenity Prayer is encouraging.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.

Here is my week (Sunday - Saturday) in numbers...
  • 596 miles driven ... Thankfully, all safely driven with a well running Honda Odyssey.
  • $262 spent on food ... Thankfully, the majority of that food I felt good about putting into my kids' stomachs.
  • 24 Advent books organized and wrapped, ready for December 1 ... I am thankful that the kids so enjoy this family tradition. (I will be listing our Christmas books in a post soon.)
  • 9 hours spent watching my kids dance ... I am so thankful for the joy that dance brings my kids. We love our dance studio and I am looking forward to seeing Tom Sawyer and Little Red Riding Hood in the Nutcracker for the fourth season soon.
  • 7 doctor and therapy appointments ... Thankfully, everyone is progressing; Timothy's heart and pacemaker are functioning well; and we have lots of support, plus health insurance.
  • 6 hours of wonderful educational play with WeDo Robotics ... I am so grateful we were able to afford Lego WeDo Robotics for Tom Sawyer. The joy when he received this addition to his curriculum was boundless.
  • 5 full days of homeschool lessons ... I am thankful for Grandma homeschooling the children one at a time in the car on our 8 hour round trip to Duke Medical Center.
  • 4 math lessons achieved ... I love Teaching Textbooks.
  • 1 special project completed ... For a year now, I have wanted to make memory rocks for a few veterans in our family. This Veterans Day we made one for my husband, Father-in-law and Great Uncle who fought in World War II. We placed them in the Warriors Cairn at the Veterans Hospital. My feelings are complicated about this subject. I hate war and feel that we get ourselves into so many unnecessary conflicts. I also think we do not do nearly enough to solve our world issues peacefully. However, I love my husband and relatives and respect that they were men willing to put themselves out there to protect us and others. 
  • 1 overnight at Ronald McDonald House ... I am thankful that RMH continues to host our family, even though Tim is now an adult. Since he must be followed by a particular pediatric cardiologist and we have so many young children, we fortunately fall into a nice little loophole for a few more years.

I am joining ~ 
Homegrown Learners

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn, during the times when I feel like I'm not doing enough, I find it encouraging when I document what I have accomplished and see that we have been productive. I hope you look at your post at all that you have done this week and feel a sense of accomplishment. Carry on!

  2. That is a lot to do in one week. Sounds like an incredibly productive one. I hope your visit to Duke was a good one. I understand the doubts and worries and I've had my share this week as well. Just trying to trust that God has entrusted them to us and He will equip us to do the best that we can. I think you do an awesome job!

    1. PS Saw your comment and I totally understand!!! Hopefully next time!

  3. W O W..that sounds like a very jam packed day! And to have finished so much of their homeschooling during it all...makes me feel like I have no more excuses. Thanks for the encouragement & also I said a prayer for your family.


  4. I understand how you feel. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my children's disabilities. Thankfully we have good health insurance, but still the medical bills pile up. You had an amazingly busy week. Those are one of those weeks that you should feel you did well to get through at all. LOL I like how you listed all that was your week. I should do that sometime. That you completed five full days of homeschooling in the midst of all of that is truly amazing. You are such an inspiration to me, and I feel very blessed to count you among my friends.

  5. Love the way you structured this post and that you accomplished so much in a difficult week...awesome!! Prayers for you all!

  6. Dawn, my heart goes out to you and I admire you SO much for the mom you are. You are not failing anyone. You give your chidlren the BEST of you! They are always learning and from the sounds of it progressing nicely! I do know what you mean about the "feelings" you describe and I dont have children with special needs. Keep the faith and I love how you turn it all around in your post. Encouraging for sure!

  7. You know, I think we feel like that because we care so much about our children. When children don't go to school, their entire up bringing lays squarely at their parents door (which is exactly, in my humble opinion, where it should lay). All God ever asks of us is our best and all we should ever ask of our children is their best...and then we rest in the peace of God, which amidst all the chaos surpasses all human understanding.
    Draw from the fact that nothing has to be achieved in your strength alone and where your's ends God's takes over.
    I'm praying. Take care