Friday, October 3, 2014

Our Week in Numbers

It has been a good week off! We ran around like crazy trying to get many things off the To Do list. We accomplished about 60% of the list, which isn't bad, considering the length of the list. I am not going to start posting my life in numbers on a regular basis. However, it seems to be the way my brain is working lately. So, here we go.

16 ~ We are constantly asked how we survive on our income and do as much as we do. One way we do so much is by regularly sharing! We went to the Greek Festival this past weekend and bought two plates of main course food and a plate of dessert. The total cost for our group of five was $16. This way, we each got a bite of dessert and had a hardy snack. For example, one of our group doesn't eat meat which allowed one meatball for each of the rest. As we sat down under a tree to share our plates, I noticed that others had bought a plate of food for each person in their group -- in essence, the same amount of food that we had shared among five. Figuring that a plate of food cost a minimum of $8, that means that a group of five people would have paid $40 just for lunch. Since we could not have afforded to spend that much money, we chose to each get a small taste of the various delicious Greek foods. This is just one example how we make it and have FUN on a smaller income.

168 ~ I drove 168 miles this week. Crazy! I wish I could get control of the miles I end up driving each week. This was more miles than usual, but still it is too much each week.

4 ~ The basement/laundry room was driving me crazy. It was a total disaster. It took me just over four hours to clean it up. It makes me happy each time I enter the room.


87 ~ Eighty-seven items left my house this week!
  • 42 to Goodwill
  • 3 sold on Ebay
  • 8 food items to the food bank
  • 34 items to consignment shops
100 ~ It took 100 minutes of waiting to get Goldilocks' medical records from the hospital. We decided to eat a hardy snack in the cafeteria to kill time. Do you see the trend? We tend to eat hardy snacks instead of full meals when we are out and about. We rediscovered how good the food was in the hospital cafeteria. Seriously, the food is really good! I do not usually think hospital food is good or worthy of a destination for a date, but my husband and I used to have dates in the cafeteria when he was an employee of this particular hospital. LOL!

7 ~ We now have seven pumpkins between our garden and a fun trip to a local church pumpkin patch. I managed to get out of the church pumpkin patch for $10 and 100% of the money was going to help children in Haiti.

8 ~ It took about eight hours of research and planning to gather my lesson plans for the next five weeks. That is a little bit longer than it took for the last two units. I am not using any box curriculum this time except math and physics. 

21 ~ I am ready to restart school next week. This will be our third five week unit study. We will be concentrating on the Civil Rights Movement. I have 21 books lined up and two more on hold at the library. I love to have lots of resources. I am really excited about this unit! We have some great projects planned in addition to a marvelous field trip.

1 ~ We managed to squeeze in one play date with another family that goes to a charter school and was on break at the same time as us. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. I wonder when my kids will grow out of that place?!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Amber and I share larger meals at restaurants often. Instead of getting two more expensive meals and having too much food, we order 1 larger meal, that still costs less than the two meals, and we both have more food than we need but don't waste as much.

    I can't wait to read about your next school unit.

  2. Oh, I love the Our Week in Numbers blogging! Great idea! I might try it this coming week! Always looking for ways to do more with less $. Sharing a couple of meals is a good idea! Most servings are huge anyway, right? I'd love to only drive 168 miles in a week! When you live in the boonies, it takes a lot of miles to get places. Just to get groceries is 30 miles round trip. My daughter's band practices are 78 miles each week. My poor van is having so many issues right now! :/ Awesome on the basement clean-up!

  3. I LOVE your week of Numbers. What a cool idea for a post. We try to be VERY frugal too. I also hate putting so many miles on my car. In fact I told Keilee this morning that we need to be better about not having to run out every day for something. Thankfully everything is in a 5 mile radius. YAY for getting rid of stuff. I SO need to do that. Have a great start 'back to school' next week Dawn.

  4. This five weeks on, one week off is really working well for you, isn't it? I love the idea of it and it suits me really well but the children want to have the same holidays as their schooled friends.
    Looking forward to hearing about your next unit.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about the switch. I really like this unique way of looking at your week.

  6. I love that you counted all the items that left your house! Maybe if I do that I'll be more motivated to clean out the garage :) Sharing plates is the only way we can afford to get out and about - that and picnics, we have many many picnics.

  7. I got your message. Thanks for letting me know about the change. I would have been wondering!! Have a wonderful and blessed week!

  8. Thank you for letting me know you moved your blog. Curriculum reviews coming soon in my blog. I am sorry things are still not on track with Goldilocks. I cannot imagine what you are going through.