Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Week 27

We finally got snow -- not ice -- but SNOW! In fact we got TWO snow falls this week. I am satisfied now. Spring can come. LOL! I had to laugh when the weather woman said, "This is not a joke...Prepare Now"! People rushed the grocery store and bought food like they were going to be trapped in their houses for weeks. The South cracks me up sometimes. I was at the grocery store only because my husband volunteered to sleep at the hospital so they would have enough staff during the storm, and he needed some microwave meals. We ended up with 5 inches of fluffy snow. It was here for one day and is mostly gone 24 hours later. We very much enjoyed it while it lasted.

Boomer was running so fast! It was hard to get a shot of him.

Homeschooling ~ We did lots of school, but not all that we intended to do. We changed course mid-week because of the snow and did more workbooks than usual so we could spend more time outside. We did math, language arts, writing, CNN Student News and reading each day. Below are the highlights from the week.
  • Little Red Riding Hood finished a reading comprehension workbook.
  • Tom Sawyer completed 11 Teaching Textbook math lessons.
  • Little Red Riding Hood finished the sixth book in the series Sister's Eight.
  • Tom Sawyer read two new chapter books and a few graphic novels from the Tin Tin Series (again).
  • We started our unit study on Minn of The Mississippi.
  • We completed Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave.
  • We continued our unit study of Neil Armstrong Young Flyer.
  • We went on a field trip to the Colburn Earth Science Museum and went on a scavenger hunt.
  • We learned about the La Brea tar pits and dissected our own jar of tar.
  • The kids went swimming with Grandma at an indoor pool.
  • Six lessons were completed in Draw Write Now.
We purchased a  year's pass to the Colburn Earth Science Museum. They are moving to a bigger space in a few months and will double their exhibits. We are going to visit at least once a month and try to visit as many other science museums that reciprocate with free admission in our travels this year. There are close to a dozen just in North Carolina. It really is a great deal.

Our Favorite Meal this Week ~ The kids and I made Yorkshire pudding and pot roast. It came out great and was delicious.

Most Popular Board Game this Week ~ Art Shark

This game is a bit complicated, but it is growing on us. We played it two days in a row this week.

On the Blog ~ I am going to start trying to share one of our favorite curriculum choices each week. After 16+ years of homeschooling, I have a lot of favorites. I posted about Draw Write Now on the blog this week. You can read about the first installment by clicking here or scrolling down to the next post.

One Last Picture Just for Fun ~ This is how Tom Sawyer picks up dog poop.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow, busy week despite the snow. Still looks like they really enjoyed the snow. I'm interested to see what some of your favorite choices are.

  2. I am looking forward to your curriculum favorites as I plan for our first year homeschooling in the fall!!

  3. Look at all that snow! I have never had Yorkshire pudding. What is it like?

  4. Look at all that snow! I have never had Yorkshire pudding. What is it like?

  5. Yorkshire pud is a very traditional British food which we just love! Usually we make mini ones in a patty cake pan which we then have with beef roast and all the trimmings. Another really lovely and inexpensive meal using yorkshire pud batter is the cook up some sausages in the oven and once cooked and sitting in their own very hot fat, pour the batter over them and bake again in a hot oven. We call that toad in the hole and it is scrummy although maybe not very, very healthy!

  6. I'd share some of our snow with you if I the kids & dog could enjoy it longer! LOL We actually only got a few inches last week. Phew! A break! Now if we would warm up to freezing it would be nice. Looks like a full week! I enjoyed Draw Write Now as well when the kids were younger!

  7. Ha that looks like the way Keilee picks up dog poop!!! Your snow looks awesome. I agree it is funny how we Southerners act in snow! I guess it is like some people would react if they had tornadoes predicted and had rarely had them. ;) We LOVED Draw Write Now. It was an awesome curriculum.