Friday, April 3, 2015

Our Egg Heavy Week in Pictures

Easter Egg Hunts ~ We attended two Easter Egg hunts for our daughter who loves egg hunts.

April Fool's Day ~ We tricked Daddy with a "mint Oreo cookie". We took the cream filling out of a cookie and replaced it with Aim toothpaste.

Gem Museum ~ We went on our second field trip to our local gem museum. Today the kids did the silver scavenger hunt which was geared toward 5th and 6th graders. We learn so much from the scavenger hunts. Even the easier ones are worth the time.

Opalite Egg ~ We picked up a "magic egg" made out of opalite at the museum. It was fun to see how it changed colors depending on what type of light bulb or paper we placed it near. We tried black paper, white paper, water, light bulb, green light bulb and a black light bulb.

Tom Sawyer and the Tinker Crate ~ Tom Sawyer's Tinker Crate finally arrived. It is about hydraulics this month. He did the first two experiments. There are so many great things to learn about hydraulics. I am impressed already. Here is the second experiment in which he made a hydraulic claw. Click on the window to see.

Tom Sawyer Designed a Sword ~ Tom Sawyer made a template for a sword and then took it to a welding company this week. They cut out the sword for him and now he will put on a wooden handle. This sword is for a Viking costume party he is attending soon.

Art with Grandma ~ Grandma gave the kids a wonderful lesson on egg decorating around the world. We learned about eggs from India, Ukraine, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Africa, Poland, Russia, Australia, China, Hungary and Germany. They are all so beautiful. We then painted our own eggs.

A Sleepover ~ Little Red Riding Hood had a sleepover with her best friends.

Our Easter Dog!

Book Learning ~ As you can see, we had lots of real life learning this week. However, there was a fair amount of book learning as well. 
  • 8 lessons in Teaching Textbooks (math)
  • 5 lessons in Draw Write Now, Book 2
  • The Pushcart War ~ Almost done reading
  • Mama's Bank Account ~ Half way done reading
  • Personal reading ~ daily
  • 30 minutes of language arts workbooks daily
  • CNN Student News ~ watch daily
  • "Apollo 13" DVD 
  • Three stories from The American Story 100 True Tales from American History
  • Ham the Astrochimp ~ Animals in the space program
  • Code Red The Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion book and documentary
  • Families of Russia ~ watched video ~ 
Blessings, Dawn


  1. Love it all, but I especially love the sword.

  2. Love it all, but I especially love the sword.

  3. Very busy week, but looks like a lot of fun. We thought about tinker crate for Amber, but went with doodle crate. I hope he enjoys his tinker crate. Happy Easter!

  4. Looks like a fun week :) My son has done the Oreo April Fools joke on his Dad too and it was very funny so I had a little chuckle reading that part ;)

  5. Looks exciting! I am thinking of ordering a crate of some sort for my kiddo. He'd love to get them. I'll have to check those out! Thanks for stopping by Our Journey!

  6. Ha, what a great April Fools - I love it!!